Getting Rid of Karmic Baggage





Often We Encounter Three Doors

One leads to conviviality, great office parties, the neat married life, grand kids and the couch. One is cut-throat, engrosses your time, feeds your ego until you’re so full of yourself you explode. The final one is a cold brutal communication which investigates and communes with the nature of reality. The question is, which is which? Select a door. And click on it.

As humans we’re collectors. We carry our baggage in our psyches. Sometimes, no matter what path or door you open, you run into characters.

Beings like this:



Or some other form or being, half-alive, a succubus who vampires your energy, acts like your family member who screws you over financially, or an ex-spouse–even a a musical phrase that keeps going round and round in your head like a political he-range. It’s all karmic baggage.

We’ve seen the person on the street who rants and raves as if talking to someone. They’re possessed! And they’re not the only ones. All of us have some kind of baggage and may have even purposefully called upon suspicious forces or beings to give us a hand.

Keith Sherwood’s book, Chakra Healing and Karmic Awareness, leads you step by step toward cleaning the spinning wheels that comprise your etheric system.  It’s necessary here to make a commitment. Saying the following will sever your links to any nonphysical beings outside your energy field. It will also protect you in the future from any intrusion into your body, emotions, intellect and chakras. Here’s the exercise:

Say this exercise now:

If I’ve ever given permission or inadvertently given permission for any nonphysical beings to be in my world of my spirit, my world of my intellect, my world of my soul, my world of my chakras, my world of my lower mind . . . I revoke that permission now and permanently in the future.

Chakra Healing and Karmic Awareness is a fantastic book with a new approach to understanding and healing. It gets rid of Karmic Baggage. Buy it now.


Thanks for reading.