Wisdom is knowledge gained through experience and practically, to be called wisdom, this knowledge
must be useable knowledge. If it's a theoretical or tautological idea, that is, thinking about thought --
as wisdom – this thinking about wisdom – mentation -  will not produce wisdom.

What about Meditation?

Meditation may lead to wisdom, but it is only through experiencing nothingness linked to real world
relations and interaction that develops true wisdom.

Consider the Tao Te Ching: (# 47)

Without taking a step outdoors
You know the whole world;
Without taking a peep out the window
You know the colour of the sky.

The more you experience,
The less you know.
The sage wanders without knowing,
Looks without seeing,
Accomplishes without acting.

> . . .  and also # 56 from the Tao Te Ching:

Who understands does not preach;
Who preaches does not understand.

Reserve your judgments and words;
Smooth differences and forgive disagreements;
Dull your wit and simplify your purpose;
Accept the world.

Friendship and enmity,
Profit and loss,
Honor and disgrace,
Will not affect you;
The world will accept you.

Wisdom is often a game you play with yourself and others. It's a glass bead game of ideas. It's fun, it's
interesting   . . forgetting, remembering, joking, laughing . . . playing:


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