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Stand Under

Isn't it true, that to get to know the beauty and majesty of a tree you have to be quiet and rest in
the shade of the tree? Don't you have to 'stand under' the tree? To understand anyone you
need to
'stand under' them  for a little while.

What's that mean?

It means you have to listen to them and in all effects wear the same shoes they are wearing for a day or
two. Ouch! Hope your shoes are the same size. This is a metaphor which you can read more about if you
go here.

How's that  'WORK'?

this because the stuff they write about is developing your Magna Opus. 'Magna Opus' is Latin for 'great
work.' This is the means to complete yourself.

Knowing yourself, developing the essence of who you really are, is the great work. . . and it will take
you a lifetime. You can't do it watching television. Since you are here, reading this, you are playing
Wisdomgame® and this means you're a wonderful person. You are developing yourself. That's great!

Find out more about the
Understanding is a game you play with other people when you "stand under" them and allow them to explain all they know
to you. At that time you have to listen. You have to be quiet as if standing under a tree. Then you get to know their
experience and you understand them. Keep playing the WISDOMGAME
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