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The powers and possibilities that you have within your mind are unlimited. You are part of the Cosmic order that expands infinitely in all directions, both
in the large universe of the stars and also the small universe of the atom. There is no limit to the Cosmos and no limit to man. Hidden within you is the
potential for perpetual development. When you understand this you begin to comprehend a revolutionary new thought. You can make yourself and
remake yourself.
The significance of this conception is real power itself. You have within you a great power. When the ability to discern this power of development is
given first place in your thoughts, then the purpose of each individual is not simply to cultivate himself and apply himself, but rather to develop the
ability to discern and use what really exists within him. You have a deep unlimited power, but at the moment it is beyond your normal conception of
The ability to find and use this power is the greatest power, because it prepares the way for you to attain and express all the other obvious and hidden
powers which lay waiting to be discovered and applied. Once you find the way to open the hidden lock, you can unlock the door to all power. This must
be understood and applied before achievements of great value can be accomplished in human thought or action.
The main reason the so called “average” or “normal” person is weak and incompetent is that he makes no effort to reach and understand the source
and depth of his being. He tries and does use the external surface actions of his body and mind but is entirely unconscious of the fact that enormous
powers are in existence in the depth of his life. Simply put, these powers lie dormant because they have not been called into action. They continue to
lie dormant until a man develops his greatest power . . . the power to discern what really exists within him.
This “normal” man fails for one particular reason. He believes what lies on the surface, that is, what he sees and senses, is all there is of man. The
reason why greatness is a rare exception instead of a universal rule comes from the fear of failure. But when the mind discovers and knows that its
powers are inexhaustible and that its faculties and talents can be developed to any degree imaginable, the fear of failure is erased and totally
disappears. Instead, comes the conviction that man, that you, can attain or achieve anything.

No matter the circumstances or limitations where you find yourself, these can be changed -  the desires of your heart can be realized.

You begin to develop and apply your great power not simply by changing your views as to what man may achieve and attain, but by actually drawing
on those inexhaustible powers and believing in them as you accordingly develop greater possibilities and deeper and deeper discernment. When you
can see through and understand what exists beneath the surface of your life, the expression of deeper life begins.
What you become conscious of has the tendency to be brought forth into tangible expression. Practically anything may be attained or achieved when
the deeper life is clearly viewed and taken possession of by your consciousness. The idea that there is more of man than what appears on the surface
must be consistently and deeply impressed. No thought is acted on unless this is considered. You must think, act, and live the realization that “There is
more of me,” and when this happens there will be more. It will constantly develop and come forth in great measure giving power and capacity to all your
Why does the average man fail? Most people blame circumstances and come to the conclusion that they were not equal to the occasion. We give up
easily and try to be content with just what we have. Know this: there is more in you than you have applied in your undertakings. Do not give up! Know
by developing and applying the deepest part of your mind. Understand, and when you believe you will succeed; when you know it, you will succeed.
When you give your attention to your greatest power---the power to discern all that is in you---you will never give up until you do succeed, and
therefore no matter what, you invariably will succeed.   
Never permit yourself to believe that this or that cannot be done. When you really discover what exists within, you will not judge by appearance. What
you have now is a simply an outplaying of how you have thought in the past. As you change the way you think now, the circumstances around you will
change. Live, think and work in the conviction that more of you is within the real depths of your being. Know this “more” to be so immense with no
boundaries. Know that its power is unlimited. When you understand this, when you believe and know this, you will cause your mind to come closer and
closer and then touch this great power within. You will consistently get possession of more and more of this power.
The mind that lives in this attitude opens the door of consciousness so that everything in their lives has real quality and worth. This openness to the
power within places you in a position to multiply these powers and benefit from possibilities that can’t be numbered.
The law of the mind is that we steadily develop and bring forth whatever we think of the most. Think poor thoughts and that is what you receive. If you
consistently think you are unlimited and that you attracting success, fortune, and love, then that is what will happen. It is therefore profitable to
repeatedly think of our deeper nature and to fathom the limitlessness and inexpressibility of our great depths.
Right now, charge your mind as if it were a wire and the great unlimited universal power was the amperage flowing through you. This can happen
because the great within is alive with power and your mind is charged more and more and it touches these immense powers. As the mind constantly
works in the firm conviction “There is more of me,” then there is more --- so much more it cannot be measured.
Consciousness is the door between the outer life and the great within. This door can only be opened when we become conscious of it. This minute,
open that door and enter into the life you were meant to live.
This is an unlimited, abundant, beautiful life.
by Stephen P. Means
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