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Hayes & Malone
A powerful book. . . When I started reading this book I was very
impressed, I might even say “stoked,” as if I were riding not only a
big wave . . . but “the” wave. (I’m in California.) Then I got stuck in
the middle, dead in the water, and I had to sit down and
purposefully paddle through. After reading it, I looked a little
differently at my website
This book is about the revolutionary developments of and within
the internet as it evolves into smaller groups (social nodes). It’s
about how corporations, business, and individuals can survive
and market to the large mass on the Internet and also to smaller
social nodes.
Trust within the social node will become the medium of exchange.
The book’s title “No Size Fits All,” refers to trust. The variations in
the amount of trust needed on the Internet and in the social node
will differ.
Because of many different factors, selling to the smaller social
node will be like selling from person to person. It will be mass
I have to argue a bit with the authors. I think when you look a
chimera in the face you’d better not be happy to be the next meal.
That’s what’s happened to the average marketer, and perhaps
these book authors. Books are probably dead and marketers are
out of jobs.
But I jest. Put metaphorically, from within the beast you can’t
describe the beast nor can you predict what it eats or where it
Like the post, the telegraph, the telephone, the radio, and TV, . . .
the internet is a social utility. It allows us instantaneous to connect
digitally, electronically, and virtually. However the authors didn’t
seem to mention what humans crave and require is physical
contact and physical interaction with other living humans. That’s
what makes us seek out groups and group interaction. Weather or
not the sitting in front of a computer on the internet can provide
this basic human need is yet to be seen.
I think “No Size Fit’s All,” is a seminal book written at a high level
that provides tremendous food for thought which I’m still mulling
over. As I’m being an author and marketer with my website
Wisdomgame and my books, I Hope I don’t get indigestion. This
books is a heady meal. I give it 5 stars. Even though I felt it a little
slow toward the end, it is a must read. If you don't understand
what they're talking about . . .
you get left behind. Buy it now.
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