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11 Steps to hone your message or launch a new product.

Short but extremely interesting read. I enjoyed this book. The author is very
transparent, open, and addresses simply the concept that most people don’t
think in an appropriate manner to produce new and creative thought, which
he calls genius. His eleven points have been nicknamed “The Genius
Machine.” In the book he asks and elucidates eleven question to stimulate
you to order your thoughts. That is, to be come a genius yourself.

Here are the eleven questions:

•        1. What distinctions do I see?

•        2. Who am I? Why are my ideas important to me and have I made my
identity clear so my audience knows where I’m coming from?

•         3. If what I’m saying is true, then what are all the consequences I can

•        4. Have I questioned everything about my assumptions?

•        5. Who else has something to say about this?

•        6. Who needs this knowledge?

•        7. Are there underlying principals or laws?

•        8. Have I explained what other information is necessary to take action
or teach others?

•        9. Who am I addressing?

•        10. Are the identities of the creators, the creation, and the user

11. You must read the book!

The Genius Machine is a short primer on how to be a powerful, creative
leader in the new age of open transparent community. It’s a quick read but
takes a some concentration because your will be looking at your own
thoughts. This is a system for developing intellectual properties . . .
to manage your message or launch a new product.  

This is an excellent book. I give it five stars and recommend that you
purchase it. It's a great, simple and easy to use guide that will stimulate your
thoughts and change you into a powerhouse of new and fruitful ideas. Buy it
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