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Brand Drivers
. . . a “relevantly different" promise.

The brand “driver” is a word or phrase, or notion, that captures the essence of
the brand. It is a promise that’s different than any other company’s promise
and it must have clarity of meaning. It must work inside and outside the
organization so that it intuitively stimulates every brand-related activity and
behavior, from advertising to product design to customer service. It’s important
to make the idea behind the brand the brand as simple and memorable as

When those responsible for creating the brand understand exactly what the
brand stands for, they can implement it with greater precision and creativity.
For instance,  Burger King: “Have it your way.”

A brand is a promise in which you call attention to what makes your brand
relevantly different, and most importantly, the author says “. . . to succeed, a
brand has to stand for something that is different from its competition and this
difference must be relevant to consumers.  , , ,  Consumers can immediately
understand what sets these brands apart from the competition and why it will
make life better in some meaningful way.”

Successful branding makes people care about and experiencing this
difference in a consistent and compelling way. An organization makes it easier
for consumers to see why it’s brand is better than any other brand.”


There must be point after point that the consumer can identify with.The
challenge to the branding engineer is how, in a world run amok with products
and promises, does an organization go about determining something to stand
for that’s meaningfully different. The way to do this is to find out what’s on your
customers minds and what unmet needs your brand can meet.  

How do you do this?

1.        Look for something obvious that other companies might have missed.
2.        Ask your customers.
3.        Go back to the Customer’s Journey.
4.        Ladder up to a more emotional promise.


1.        Think like a consumer.
2.        Make everyone in the company accountable for the brand promise.
3.        Instigate a management alert system.
4.        Delight your customers, and deliver in such a way that they become
brand evangelists.

The Brand Promise:

Start with a simple idea. It is essential to capture the simple thought you want
consumers to associate with your brand in a brand driver. The author sites
many examples, one of them Johnson and Johnson: “Having a baby changes

Brand Drivers:

1. Simple – it must capture the brands promise in a way understandable, if not
explainable by a fifth grader.
2. Specific – use the concept by expressing it in a book title or movie poster.
3. Surprising – If something is surprising its easy to remember. The objective
of brand drivers is to be memorable.

You've got to give the brand driver a clever or surprising twist. Make it easy for
people to remember and it will live and grow organically. If it’s not inspiring on it’
s own, it will never intuitively lead to appropriate and brilliant branding

4. Story Worthy . . . a brand driver must be inspirational to the people who do
the branding.

Establish a Clear Brand Voice

It’s essential that consumers be able to perceive a brand as a living, breathing
individual with well-defined characteristics and behavior traits.

In the case of my brand, Wisdomgame and I ask myself is
using the voice of ‘Steve Martin,’ or ‘Robert Denero?’ and I answer probably
both. We’re out to have “Serious Fun!” but back to the review:

In our transparent information age, digital drivers create social experiences, so
organizations must think about how their brand would behave as participants in
these experiences. As such, they must be able to articulate these “human”
attributes precisely and how they play out in branding initiatives.

How to do this:

1. Define your brand voice as a character from a book or movie, or even blend
character qualities.
2  Create a prototype facebook page for your character.
3. Create an e-harmony profile for your character.
4. Capture the essence of your brand. See how few words or phrases you
need to capture the essence of this person.
5. Share with the company.
6. Build some simple guidelines and tools.

The Customer’s Journey

Access the journey your potential customer (consumer) would take with your
product. Find the touch point – of your brand –

•        The trick is to be able to uncover and then take advantage of insights
about consumers in order to determine which points of touch along a
consumer’s journey with the brand will have the greatest potential to attract
people and gain traction.

How to do this:

1. Become a fly on the wall. Join on line communities and find out what’s being
said about your brand.
2. Experiment – try new things.
3. Give someone the name of “Brand Director”.
4. Don’t overlook social responsibility.
5. Unlearn old knowledge and play to win. Take a fresh look at everything you
6. Look for branding activities that will actively change consumer behavior.

Thank about over the backyard fence – telling your friends about your product
in a friendly sincere way.“It’s a branding truism that the best brands are based
on powerful, yet simple, consumer insights.”

The need is for a company to establish and hold on to a point of relevant
differentiation if it want to succeed in the long term.

As I am still “branding” my companies, Wisdomgame and so I
thought this book was “the real thing” and also I’m “having it my way.” Anyway,
I decided on a logo for my videos. Here it is: “Serious Fun!” Now all I have to
do is keep my promise. . .  What is serious and funny?

A note about the five star system: I look at a lot of books each week and I don't
write my synopsis/review unless the books are tops.

BrandDigital by Allen P. Adamson is top of the tops. I give it 5 stars. If you're
into marketing in our transparent age you need to have this book . . ..

Thanks for reading.

Stephen Philip Means     

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