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Smart, funny, illustrative. . . Harry Beckwith is funny, he writes like Mark
Twain who said, if you remember, “The rumors of my death are greatly
exaggerated.” . . Which might or might not be the case for the older ways
of marketing. .

This is a humorous and enjoyable read. However Beckwith is very serious
about what he is saying.  In reality this is a training manual for the
professional Marketer in coming age of transparency. He says, “The
brilliant marketer should question everything with open humbleness,” . . .
because  “certainty is fatal” and “research does not expose the truth; it
binds us to it"

" Seek understanding but beware of research.”

So just understanding his first section, The Fallacies of Marketing, is worth
the price of the book. No business can afford ordinariness. What needs to
be done is to ignore standard “best practices,” and create new ones.

Don’t copy.

Your business in more complex than that.
This book is primarily about how to set up a service business, but it’s a lot
more than that. It moves along smoothly because of personal anecdotal
and an Oregon countrified humor . . . but this is a serious look at
marketing: what you’ve done wrong and

What to do right.

You job is not to deliver a service, it is to create satisfaction.

Here are the keys:

•        Price: Watch what your price says. The price of a service influences
what the prospect expects and what the client perceives.

•        Brand: Seize your brand, live your brand, Services are built on
brand, and brand creates faith. Look for a name that makes your prospect
not you feel important.

•        Packaging: Look as great as you are. To make your service better,
make it more beautiful. Create an environment that will create in your
clients the crucial feelings that they are important.

•        Relationships: Make your clients feel important. A service succeeds
when it makes significant numbers of people feel their lives are somehow
better than they would have been without the service.

What’s the most important quality a person, a service business, . . . you
can exhibit?

It’s passion.

Passion is worth billions. It attracts clients. Even more clearly, it helps
keep those clients for life.
My review seems kind of dry compared to the book which is very
humorous and moves along smoothly. Beckwith draws on an enormous
amount of experience as a marketer. This book opened my eyes to a new
and different way of looking.

It can open your mind, too. I belongs in front of you so your can digest the
great writing.  I recommend you buy it.
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