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by Stephen P. Means
If I Could Call a Cloud

If I could call a cloud
By naming perfection,
I would bend upon my knee
And call your name.
(say their name here)
To see the bright light of your eyes
And the beauty of your smile,
It makes me laugh.
Oh, warm yellow morning sun,
But it's only you,
You are so beautiful.
Beyond comparison.

Images can not define
Nor names describe this seduction.
So I will not call clouds
Or bow to call your name,
(say their name here)
And I will not name perfection.
I will not name perfection
Nor water down this seduction.

You are the fragrance of the flower.
The spray, the wave, the whistling breeze,
The air itself.
Bite by bite,
I eat your nectar.
This love poem expresses the singular need of everyone to have someone define them with the beauty of their own name.
Isn't it true, we all love to hear our names. . . especially from the voice of a sweet lover. Wisdom comes from experience. You
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