What is order?

synonyms order, arrange, marshal, organize, systematize, methodize mean to put persons or things into their
proper places in relation to each other. order suggests a straightening out so as to eliminate confusion
<ordered her business affairs>. arrange implies a setting in sequence, relationship, or adjustment <arranged
the files numerically>. marshal suggests gathering and arranging in preparation for a particular operation or
effective use <marshaling the facts for argument>. organize implies arranging so that the whole aggregate
works as a unit with each element having a proper function <organized the volunteers into teams>.
systematize implies arranging according to a predetermined scheme <systematized billing procedures>.
methodize suggests imposing an orderly procedure rather than a fixed scheme <methodizes every aspect of
daily living>.

To order is to organize into an arrangement to eliminate confusion.
that can help you with mental confusion

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sublime into the room of your life but it may or may not come in. If that room is disordered then the "other," what some people call mystical,
what some name "God," . . . that sublime feeling beyond time . . . it can't come into your room because their is no opening for it. Take some
time right now to order your life. Keep playing.
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