Being Born

We are all born from the sex act in which over 200,000 sperm cells swim furiously to fertilize one
or more eggs and only one of those sperm cells is successful. Just because we are alive,
because we were born, we're special. We're champions! But the mystery of life is much deeper
than that.

What's so Mysterious?

Communication is one of the most mysterious aspects of living. Here we have a concept in our
minds -- let's say you want to speak to a friend about your new toy -- and you compress air, open
your mouth and make vibrations. Somehow your friend receives the vibration in their ears, the
nerves relay the energy to the brain, and a picture/thought is created that represents your toy.
This is very mysterious, isn't it? Agree?


How about changing the word above from 'toy' to 'wisdom.' (Click
Wisdom is usable knowledge gained through experience, but how do you communicate that
experience to another person. The concept they form in their mind may be entirely different than
the one you are expressing. You can use 'Metaphor.'

The Mysterious Metaphor
'Metaphor' is a Latin word. The definition that makes the most sense to us here at Wisdomgame  is
that 'Meta' means beyond -- as in Metaphysics (beyond physics) and 'phor' means talking or
sound. So 'metaphor' would mean beyond talking. A metaphor is a representation, or a likeness.
For instance, your husband has a nose like a banana, or your wife looks like an elephant. A
metaphor creates a picture in our minds that is beyond the simple sounds we are projecting. If
you know Latin you certainly are pretty smart because almost all of our English words come from
Latin. You can check up on your Latin by:


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The Mystery of LIfe
Life is a mystery and communication between humans can't be explained by science. Do you believe this? What is mysterious to you? Is a full moon
night in summer with orange tree in blossom . . . is it only beautiful, or is it also mysterious? Is a cave on the beach dark and frightening, or is it also
mysterious? Do you learn by experiencing these mysteries? Find out.
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