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What is real magic?

Real magic is creating something or some effect out of thin air. That is to say, real magic is opposed to what is
called "prestidigitation" which is the manipulation of existing conditions to make things or effects only appear
to change. True magic is not stage magic. Many people believe in real magic. Some don't. What do you
believe? Hermes three times great, the great Egyptian mystic, is the namesake of Hermeticism. You may have
come across the term "Hermetically sealed," which is often used in refrigeration to mean completely closed
from any air coming in. In the study of magic, "Hermeticism," means to have your emotions sealed. . . not to be
affected by the outside tide of circumstances. In this state, creating something or some effect out of thin air,
out of nothing, is possible.

Or is it? Are there some "masters" out there roaming around the world who know more than everyone else?
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There is a special course you may study if you want to become a real magician. It was created by Franz Bardon.
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The number 4 is the key to all magic.
If you can understand your physical
being, your emotional body, your
mind, and your spiritual body . . .
qualities will lead you to be able to
real magic.

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