Self help manual: The World is a Feast by Stephen P. Means
self help manual
"Have You Ever Needed Help?"
         I have. Sometimes I've been so sick I didn't know what to do. Once I was broke
and didn't have any bread, the engine on my old car was blown. I had to take a bus
to work and then I got fired for being late. I didn't eat, got so weak I couldn't get out
of bed. I couldn't handle it anymore. All I did all day is worry. You know what
What I worried about came true.

The more I worried about being sick, the sicker I got. I know this sounds strange, but
as I was laying in bed, sicker than a dog, I went out of my head, got crazy and was
seeing things. In that state of mind I got up and got a blank paper and wrote down
the truth. When I came to and started feeling better I discovered this is what I
Slowly I started following these instructions and my life changed. I recovered my
health and well being. Yet, . . . it took a little more time to sink in.
I was making my
life horrible by thinking that something bad was going to happen to me
. When I
truely, deeply realized that truth, I saw my life in a clearer light. It wasn't immediate,
Not a all.  I'd go for a walk, worrying a dog might bite and then a dog would chase
me home. I'd think about spilling the milk and I'd drop the milk. Stuff like that kept
happening so I concentrated and added some more points:
  • Happiness creates more happiness.
  • Think that only good things will happen.
  • Act happy and you are happy.
  • Never worry again.
Sure you can. I became bigger, stronger, happier and wealthy by following the
simple rules above. You can too but it takes a while. To shorten the time and help
you I wrote a book. It's called "The World's a Feast. Help Yourself." I wrote it as a
workbook that's simple to use and fun. It's based on the idea that if person starts
to change for the better they will keep changing, growing and getting better. . . I
started with nothing and now here I am the author of 6 books and running
Wisdomgame. You can do more than me. This book is your starting place.   
  • You can help yourself!
  • It's a lot easier than you think.
  • Never worry again.
I do! I care about you and I want to help you. I didn't just write my books off the
top of my head. I studied everything from psychologists William James and
C.G.Jung to Freud. I studied philosophers from Aristotle to Krishnamurti. I
studied metaphysics and magic and hypnotism and the occult. I traveled around
the world. I taught classes and wrote books and you know what? After all that I
discovered there are a few basic principles to feeling good about yourself and
opening every door. . . just a few;   
  • Smile and the world smiles with you.
  • Never worry again!           
Have You Ever Been to a Wedding?
The couple get hitched, then there's a really big feast. The world's like that. It's
really a great big feast. All you have to do is help yourself. But have you ever
noticed how some people hang back because maybe uncle Jack or ant Helen
might see them and think they're pigs? Here's a big spread but people are
hesitating . . . It's right there.
All you have to do is help yourself!     
Ray Saucedo, artist and screenwriter  
talks about the Wisdomgame manual,   
The World's a Feast. Help Yourself!

in many ways. It got me going writing again. Now, I'm a . . .
productive screenwriter with over twenty full length movies under
my belt.     You know, the truth is, you can't find your direction
unless you have a  compass and if you don't set a direction you're
not going to get there. It's worth the
Do you know what you want for the rest of your life? Do you have all the money
and friends and love you want? There are simple ways to program your mind to
get these things.
You can have what ever you want. With simple and fun and
easy steps you understand what you want and you devise real ways of getting
them. Are there rules to getting these things?
  • .  Take Action
  •    Picture what you want.
  •    Write down what you want.
  •    Constantly review your wants.
  •    Take steps to satisfy your wants.
Chef in New Orleans, Donald Roth,    
suggests you look into helping              
yourself. He says, "Be happy!" He         
never worries.

"The World's a Feast is a remarkable book. It's  . . .      
funny! . . . And it's a lot of fun. You quickly find out what
you really want and then you set up an effortless plan to
get it."  
Don Roth,   New Orleans chef
The art of being successful at anything is very simple. You have to get
started. Off in the distance is the mountain you will climb. Success, love,
good fortune seem so far away, but they're not. Get up, get started, then
you're half way to the trail head and almost to the top. . . but you have to
get started. Can you get started right now?
Walt Hopmans, celebrated teacher, writer
real zinger."
" What can I say. I'm rich and famous and I loved reading "The
World's A Feast." . . .  HELP YOURSELF. I'd  recommend if
you're starting out, or if you need to change, or if you'd  just
like to have more friends, sex, or love. Get this book. Follow
the easy steps and your life will change. Wisdomgame
guarantees it. You have nothing to lose. If you want more life,
get this book."
Buy and use for 30 days  
"The World's a Feast. Help Yourself "
if your life doesn't change for the   
better we'll refund your money.
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Can you believe in yourself and can you feel new feeling of
excitement? Can you have more living . . . more life? Will you
enjoy life and stop worrying? Will you make the life you deeply
want? Can you help yourself and take an easy action now?

Master cheif Donald Roth
  • No questions
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Sapient Walt Hopmans
Dr. Ray Saucedo
  • You create what you worry about.
  • Never worry again.
self help manual
Dr. Stephen P. Means
founder Stephen P. Means.
"Life's fun. I stopped
worrying. You can too. My
books are easy to follow and
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