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This book is about insuring your own happiness by allowing you to live passionately and
productively everyday. Maybe you can make a million bucks, like Mr. Vaynerchuk. Maybe not, but
you certainly are going to have fun, learn a lot, and enjoy every minute of it. You will only be
limited by how well you navigate and how far you want to surf the wild wave of the new, open,
transparent world we live in.

Get Wild! Get Passion!

. . . But be yourself. He says, “The Internet makes it possible for anyone to be 100 percent true to
themselves and make serious cash by turning what they love into their personal brand.”
Vaynerchuk did it through video broadcasts of wine tasting which created a large community
around him and gigantic demand for his products. You can do it do. He shows you how.

Be Different, Live Your Brand

You need to be authentic. When you are yourself you differentiate yourself from everyone else.
No one is exactly like you. You’re special. That’s what we say at Wisdomgame. We’re here to
Entertain, Educate, and Enlighten. In today’s world your business and your personal brand need
to be the same.

“Where eyeballs go, opportunity follows.”

A sea change is coming and nothing can stop it. The world of TV and magazine commercials is
dying. The time is now, and it’s all about community. If you need to monetize (make money off your
ideas, products, etc.) then get into position. The gigantic opportunity is right now!


Consumers want you to tell them the truth, Above all they want to know who they are dealing with,
and they want the truth. You have to expose your being, your talents, in a clear transparent
manner . . . because the future is opening tremendous potentials. The old guard is dead. The age
of community is here.

Plan Now!

Start with great content. Quality is most important. You need to have a quality product and you
need to promote it with quality content. That means no hype in your blogs. Rather, content,
content, content. . . . Real conversations with your community.

Be Yourself

Tell your story. Keep it real. Invest in yourself. Communicate from your heart . . . but do it in your
special passionate, maybe irrational, or funny way. He says, “Authenticity is what will make it
possible for you to put in the kind of hustle necessary to CRUST IT!”

I really loved this book. A lot of the other books I have read recently, although I enjoyed them,
weren’t written as familiarly as Gary’s book. He gives away a lot of secrets, in fact in the appendix
he gives you some business ideas he’s not going to have time to make a fortune off of.  I’m
starting to CRUSH Wisdomgame. Now, we just added to our group of websites.
Look for my reviews on video soon.

Thanks,    Stephen Philip Means  . .
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