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Excellent book . . . Full of up to date information. It seems to be written
primarily for the financial adviser. . .and since I used to be a stockbroker
in the Twin Towers before they went down, maybe that’s why I picked up
this book. Yet, it’s not dry! It’s full of great stuff about selling to customer’s
needs. It really opened my eyes to what people really want.

How do you sell to customers needs?

You have to create for them an experience that is personal and
unexpected. They have to feel after you’ve engaged them that a
connection was made. They have to have a powerful, emotional
experience . . . some what like, “Wow! I got something for nothing."

How do you create ‘the experience'?

It’s all about energy exchange. If you are incredibly passionate about
something, the other person assumes it must be something worth being
passionate about. Only an inspired person can deliver energy and
passion and truly make a difference. A memorable experience is one that
delights customers.

You selling? What you selling?

Are you selling, or do people want what you have? If you create a
memorable experience people will line up to do business with you. The
author writes, “If you simply give them what they want, it’s not an
experience. They have to want what you have.”

Who cares?

I do, because I want to help people. That’s what we do at my business,
Wisdomgame. We develop new products and solutions. We help our
clients discover their needs. Maybe that Is what you do to? People who
have positive experiences want to share them with others. Connecting is
all about bonding emotionally by knowing what the customer really needs.
Again, I quote Maribeth Kuzmeski:

“I’m convinced greatness can best be measured by the impact we’ve
made on others, by the way we’ve connected with them, touched them
personally, brought them along with us, and perhaps inspired their best

This is an excellent book. Buy it, digest it. You'll do better in your
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