Symbol of order

Order Your Mind for Success

Use Symbols to open the doors to Success

What do I need to know?

The basics of human interaction on the internet or anywhere else is gaining attention. Once attention is gained then you have entry into the mind-set. Therefore, any marketing effort, any directed selling through affiliate or anywhere else, need to first attract attention.

How does a person gain attention?

The mouth is the door of the mind. The mind is the host of the spirit. Will, intention, joy, desire, thought, worry, knowledge, and planning all go in and out through the door. Therefore they are governed by opening and closing, controlled in their exit and entry. Opening means speech. Closing means silence, Speech and silence,  should be harmonious. End and beginning should be correct.  Words are symbols. But symbols stand alone without words. 

Play with these symbols to find success. Choose.Try again. Click on any symbol. 

Try again. Click on any symbol.