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What Causes Anger?

When we get hot under the collar and start fuming and blasting everyone and everything in sight with our
venomous spews, what the heck has caused us to be so crazy? Can we step back a little bit and analyze what
brought us to this horrid state? Isn't it frustration? When you're angry at someone, isn't it because they don't
understand you? See
When you're in traffic and exploding with rage, isn't it because you're frustrated that you can't get anywhere?
After all, everyone should know you're late. Shouldn't they?

Where does frustration come from?

You have a whole pile of paper work. More is coming in the mail everyday. The bills are mounting up and you
can't get it all sorted out in time because another round of paper work is coming in. So what can you do? All
this stuff gets you very, very frustrated. Then you know what, you get angry and you start fuming and spewing
and taking it out on the dog . . . or the cat or your wife or whomever is close enough . . . or maybe you get an
Frustration comes from Disorder

It only takes a little bit of disinterest or unconsciously setting something down or maybe tossing your keys or
your glasses or setting down your purse or your wallet . . . and what do you know? . . . they're missing and you
search all around and you can't find them and you get frustrated and then you get very, very angry.

This is the Order of Anger:


To Prevent Anger:                                        CREATE ORDER
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