Tick tock, tick tock. The mouse ran up the clock. "I'm late. I'm late, for a very important date." Can you step out of time? Can
you step away from having to get up at a certain time and be somewhere? Is time real, or do humans make up the concept
of time? The sun certainly comes up ever day and sets every day. That is a fact! No one can ever dispute that. Right?

Wrong! The sun doesn't come up at all. In the Earth's relationship to the sun is that the sun is perfectly stationary. It
doesn't move. We continually turn into it. The sun doesn't rise and it doesn't set. The Earth falls toward it in a circular
motion held ordered by the gravity of the universe. Perhaps time is not like a straight line.

Time as movement is a conceptual projection of linear thinking. That is, the idea that time has a beginning and is moving
forward is a concept. Another concept is that all of time is right now. What time will it be tomorrow morning when you wake
up? Won't it still be now? And when you go to bed, won't it still be now? Actually, now is the only time we have.
Philosophically, however, life is to be lived and people and things change, grow and deteriorate. . . but that's a whole
different matter.  Right now, what time is it. I'm late. I'm very late.

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