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The purpose of The 4 Hour Work Week is to inspire you and direct you to set up automated
presents, those income generating streams give you real power. He says, “This book is about
how to see and create those options with the least effort and cost.”
Effectiveness and efficiency are different. You can be efficient at shuffling papers, but you
can be very effective in whatever you do if you set deadlines and work in short time periods.
One of the tricks is to cut down the information overload. After all, how much time do you
waste when you surf the computer, watch TV, listen to radio, and read magazines?
Ferris is having too much fun living for that boring junk. He’s actually alive.
Otherwise, aside from his anti 9-5 philosophy . . . (which I deeply agree with) . . . this book is
a pleasant read of anecdotes and quotes. Also, more than that it’s a protocol for success by
beating the game, not playing it.

You beat the game by

• finding a product.

• test marketing the product.

• finding a saleable-scaleable* product.

• Putting it all on auto-pilot.

*(scaleable means you make $ on one or ten thousand)

He calls this refined automatic system of cash generation: ‘The muse.’ Probably the most
important aspect of ‘The muse,’ as Ferris puts it in the book: “. . . is . . . that you decide how
you will sell and distribute your products before you commit to a product in the first place.

I really liked this book. For the neophyte entrepreneur it may seem difficult. However, for the
websites and the information provided it’s a
“must have” reference book. It contains a step
by step -- easy to follow -- plan to get out of the nine to five job rut and move into whatever
world you want. You can make a lot, a lot more money by

doing ½ the work  you’re doing now.

He shows you how. Worth the money. Buy the book.
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