Are Some People Smarter?

Of course they are. Aren't you smarter than someone you know? Or is it true that everyone is
pretty much the same? What is intelligence, anyway? Do brains make one person more successful
than someone else, or is there another quality that guarantees success?

What is Intelligence?

Most likely the best definition of intelligence is the ability to solve problems, especially your own
personal problems. Because if you can't solve the basic problems of life, like getting food and
shelter . . . you can't be very smart. Right? Do you agree?

Is There Higher Intelligence?

Not everyone is alike. Obviously, there are some people that are very much more intelligent than
others. The bell curve is an inverted curve that looks like a bell and shows a percentile grouping
that most people fall within the average. At one end of the curve some people are dumb and at
the other end some people are very, very smart. But is there higher intelligence living here on
Earth right now?

The Masters Know.

Some organizations think so. Certain groups believe that 'Masters' are hidden among us,
sometimes living in direct contact with us -- sometimes living in remote areas like the Himalayas,
In fact, a ritual incantation (chant) asks them to help us. Want to hear it?

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