Call Your Spirit Home

Ask Any Vegetable

In 1966 Frank Zappa came out and sang the lyrics:

Call any vegetable
And the chances are good
That a vegetable will respond to you

We’re not vegetables; We’re humans.

Humans move, talk and dance with Spirit.


But what is spirit? 

Have you ever seen a horse that’s running free? It’s a good metaphor for Spirit because what animals do besides hunting for food, eating and mating is . . . they play and have fun.

Ella Fitsgerald sang,  “Birds do it. Bee’s do it. Let’s fall in love.”

Sometimes We Get Depressed

And feel like we’re stuck, in the doldrums, frozen, between a rock and a hard place. We may be growing, but we feel like a vegetable. What to do when that happens?

Here’s an exercise that will get call back your Spirit so you can feel better and ad a little play to your life. You can do this at home but it works a lot better when you’re out.


When you’re at a coffee shop or a restaurant go to the entrance and open the door. Reach up your hand and wave. Call your name and say “(your name) come back. Hey (your name)! Come back!” 

Now, the people in the coffee shop or restaurant don’t know who you’re calling, that you’re calling your spirit, and they don’t care. Maybe your friend has the same name as you. Who knows? So do it. 

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How Aware Are You?


Two hands praying?


We Sleep Through Life

The 4th way is a study which promotes the idea that we live in a world which is actually asleep. In an analogous way to actual sleep and waking up, there is a higher state of consciousness than our normal being. In this higher state everyone else seems to be asleep.

Almost Everyone Believes They Are Awake

People don’t remember who they really are. We go through life thinking we’re aware, conscious and awake to at least most of what is happening through us and to us. But is this the case.?

The First Step.

As in AA–Alcoholics Anonnomous–the first step is to admit you’ve been lying to yourself. One admits they are an alcoholic. To wake up to the fact we are asleep we need to admit we’re sleeping. The following exercise comes from Vernon Howard:

   Every day we walk through many doorways. We go to the bathroom, enter the kitchen, leave the house, go to work and so on. Each time we have to go through a doorway. Make up your mind right now, today, whenever you go through a doorway you will stop and take notice. Make a note of it in your mind.  When you do this exercise, you will notice something very strange. At some point you will walk through a doorway and not notice.  . . .  Notice that also.

This is the beginning development of your power to remember yourself. 

This exercise comes from a little tract that shows you the power you hold. Get it now:


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We Do Stupid Things

The “funny” bone

We Do Stupid Things

This is very much true when we look at our friends, family and neighbors–especially our neighbors. A few weeks ago Jack, the older guy who never mows his lawn and who is always playing Frank Sinatra late at night . . . well, he went out to the mail box in his underwear and bent over to pick up a dropped letter. Man, what a crack up.!

We can laugh out loud at the simplest things. 

I was torturing my tiger cat.

I mean, I was playing with a string and she was having a lot of fun chasing it around her tail and all of a sudden I just started laughing. It was so absurd. A grown man, a well-respected writer like me, having fun with my cat. I laughed at myself laughing at myself so my titillation was doubled. I fell down on the floor and wouldn’t you know it, I landed on my funny-bone and they had to call emergency.

The Truth Will Set You Free.

But that’s how I got locked up. I still think it’s kind of funny, but the truth is all along I should have been exercising my funny bone. How do you do that?

Science nerds tell us:

“The increased flow of lymphatic fluid means more lymph is passing through the thymus gland and laughter proves to be one of the most painless and beneficial means for accomplishing that goal.” So exercising your funny bone is a lot like exercising any other part of you. At first,  you sort of have to just do it.  Once you get started , it get’s easier and easier.

So laugh,

Even if at first it’s not quite so funny.  And laugh more and more. Soon, we’ll have a lot more laughs. The ward here isn’t too bad. Jack comes to visit once in a while. What a crack up.

And if you want to read a funny novel about a guy in the future who gets “more ass than a toilet seat.” My novel is on Amazon. Buy it now.


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Nurture and Heal by Relaxation

What’s the Most Important Exercise 

When you’re uptight and stressed by life, the key to internal integration and a balanced relationship with the world lies within our feelings and sensations. We can heal. We can nurture ourselves.

Touch your feelings

Expand the flowing rhythms that feelings bring to you. These are linked to the vitality of the Universe itself. Through relaxation we can awaken our feeling. Through subtle relaxation we awaken feelings which then expand and accumulate.

Slowly Become Aware

There are deep feelings within you. They interpenetrate fields of energy inside your body and outside. The energy contained in these fields sustain and nurture us. They recycle sensations that are rich and powerful. With relaxation our minds become clear and we discover what it means to be balanced.

Sit as relaxed and still as possible.

Slowly let yourself become aware of any sensations or feeling-tones that arises. At the beginning, remind yourself to follow whatever happens . . . whatever sensation arises — may it be light or even delicate.

Attune your inner ear.

Trust your experience and open yourself to it. Do this in whatever way you do, without method or formulation. Whenever you feel a sensation or feeling-tone, allow it to continue as long as possible. Continue for fifteen to thirty minutes.

This is Kum Nye relaxation. Stimulating feeling and expanding is the basic activity. In this way you will learn to increase enjoyment and appreciation of every aspect of living. Even the most minute sensation can be increased, accumulated and expanded until it flows throughout your body to the surrounding world.

Get the book: 



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One of the aids to healing which toning provides is the cleansing of the field.  Another is to invite the subconscious mind to cooperate with ideas held in the rational mind and to bring about a condition of wholeness–body, mind and soul for the person.

Close Your Eyes

It is natural for all living things to move. The tides move, sape rises and falls in tress, plants move. It is unnatural for the body to be held in a rigid position. So let your body sway slightly to get the feelings of the rhythm of life, life’s pulsation, your breating. Finally, feel the oneness of all life throbbing in all of nature.

Feel the Magical Process.

Everything is alive within and around you. Relax the jaw so that the teeth are slightly parted. Let your body speak. Let sound come up from it, not down upon it from your mind.

Let Your Body Groan

Let it sigh a deep audible sigh. This is the feeling of release–an emptying out which is a resting. Encourage your body to be vocal. Start with low groans.

Abandon Everything

And let your body groan. You may think you have nothing to grown about but you will be surprised. All the hurts, physical and emotional, which you have received are buried in your subconscious memory.

Groaning Offers Relief.

And a door is opened so the repressed feelings of you entire life flow out of you.  This may come out in protests like “I’m tired of everything!” or “I can’t take it anymore!” Go with it. Go deeper. Follow the sound. Release!

Allow Yourself to Enjoy

The sensations around you–the sensations are the feeling of new aliveness. This is the way to More Life.

This exercise comes from TONING, The Creative Power of the Voice by Laurel Elizabeth Keyes.  Click on the icon below to buy it from Amazon. It’s a wonderful book which will open you and you’ll feel more alive.

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