Improve Self-Image to Reach Potential

We Don’t Use All Our Potential

While it is true that some people do have natural inherent talent, most people do not achieve the use of more than a minute fraction of their potential ability. Given equal natural talent, those that become great do so because they have learned to use a higher proportion of their potential.

Society Constrains Potential

How a person feels about themselves is often determined by their value which society attributes to them, and so we fit ourselves into peg holes as “valuable” even though we’re not doing what fits us, what brings us to actualize our potential.

Moshé Feldenkrais was a Ukrainian-Israeli engineer and physicist, known as the founder of the Feldenkrais Method, a system of physical exercise that aims to improve human functioning by increasing self-awareness through movement.

He trained in the 4th Way school and developed extensive exercises which bring people to spontaneity.

In Awareness Through Movement, he writes

“It is important to understand that if a man wishes to improve his self-image, he must first of all value himself as an individual, even if his faults as a member of society appear to him to outweigh his qualities.”

More Development is Possible

He goes on to point out that even further development occurs when a person becomes more conscious of different parts of their body.  But his approach is built on changing the whole self-image. He says,

” . . . systematic correction of the self-image will be a quicker and more efficient approach than the correction of single actions and error in modes of behavior, . . . ”

The improvements which come from using the exercises in Awareness Through Movement improve the general dynamics of the self-image like playing on a piano which is tuned verses one which is not.


Tune yourself.

In your thoughts, increase your self-image. Feel yourself more alive moment to moment. Realize your blood is flowing, your heart is beating. Tune your mind, emotions, and your physical body so they are in harmony.  

It’s full of unique exercises. Get it.

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Want to be a Star?

The Universe has Billions of Stars

The question is “How are you going to stand out?” To shine you have to be different.  What everyone wants is some sort of distinction. Nobody wants to be part of the teeming mass that will  blindly follow over the ledge like lemmings.


Yet, in Mark 8:37 we read:

“What does it profit a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul.”

Because we’re born with qualities, because everyone has inherent talents, the real question becomes “How to gain distinction and still actualize yourself?”

Your Dreams May Guide You

Dreams are symbolic representations that sometimes simply allow the mind to complete the “uncompleted” situations of the day. For instance, if you wanted to say something important to a friend or family member, and they just wouldn’t listen. Maybe in your dream you can do that.

Then again, dreams can take you deeper. In fact, Carlos Castaneda has written a book in which he gives distinct exercises on how to wake up in your dreams. This is called lucid dreaming. The book is The Art of Dreaming. 

Be careful if you buy this book. Waking up in your dreams is a life altering event. . . Perhaps you need that. If you want, you can try the exercise that begins the process of lucid dreaming.


Look at your hands before going to sleep. Tell yourself you will see your hands in your dream. Continue doing this until you see your hands in your dream. Then try to see your feet, then picture seeing your whole body

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One of our contributors, Jack Pollack (not his real name), recently sent us an abstract of his studies.  He says,

“In the late 1970’s I was living in Santa Barbara, California. As I had been studying Dianetics and a new Scientology storefront appeared on lower State Street, I walked in and took their personality test. Well, one thing led to the next and pretty soon two Scientologists were interviewing me. I wanted them to get rid of some nasty hung up places in my psyche which are called engrams. But they wanted me to lay down quite a few bucks to get “clear.’ I mentioned to them that L. Ron Hubbard had pointed out in Dianetics that time wasn’t a factor. Engrams could be cleared immediately. 

So anyway this discussion went on for a bit and then they took me up to see the President of the whole place. Outside the office was a bust of L. Ron Hubbard. After I met the young lady who was the President, we talked and talked for several entertaining hours and believe it or not she offered me the position of Vice President. And how much did they pay? .12 cents an hour. I declined.

At that time Scientology was having a bit of a go with the IRS over their non-profit religious status so I guess they might have thought I was an government agent because when I left the office about twenty people were on their knees praying to the bust of Ron.”

After receiving this abstract from Pollack, our editors at Exercises for Human Growth laughed it off. L. Ron Hubbard was a genius. His book, Dianetics, swept the literary world and sold millions of copies. It wasn’t until his church, Scientology got carried away and Tom Cruise was jumping up and down on Oprah’s couch . . . then, of course a movie “The Master,” lambasted him.

The focus of his work is that we all have “reactive minds,” that keep us from being the person we could be.


When in conversation and someone says or does something and you feel like reacting, see if you can locate where that reaction is coming from. Is it from you, your mom or dad, or your teachers, or some social part of your psyche? Do you have to react, or can you just let it pass? If you “mind” what the person is saying or doing, it maybe from your reactive mind.

Even if you’ve read Dianetics, it’s worth a second look. Get it.


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A Luminiferous Vibrant Life

The Purpose of this blog, EXERCISES FOR HUMAN GROWTH,

is to bring more life into our readers’ lives. Because we are creatures of habit, we are subject to what the Chinese refer to in this proverb

                    Habits are cobwebs at first, then chains at last.

Drabness, dullness, and the doldrums of life with depression and loneliness are often caused by habits that have become chains.

When this happens a solution is to bring more color into your life. Colors both sooth and energize us.

Here’s today’s exercise. It’s an easy color meditation. See the scene in your mind as your read. 

You are traveling in a car on a highway where on one side is flat extensive desert and on the other the desert suddenly juts up broken by gigantic white snow-capped mountains that touch a sky in patches of azure blue almost hidden by grey storm clouds. A light drenching of rain covers the ground and then an explosion of golden light breaks through the clouds and across the desert floor a luminous violet, blue, red and green rainbow appears and then miraculous an smaller rainbow forms below it.

The appreciation of color is the mystics way of 7 rays–the seven colors of the rainbow. Pick up one of our e-books. They’re fun reads.   

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The Magic Key to Yourself

The Magic Key Franklin Used to Spark his Love Life
Ben Franklin’s Magic Key. Get grounded first.

Is there a magic key that unlocks  the secrets?

Today’s Exercise: Watch this video. Ask yourself, am I hypnotized? . . . and How do I break free? 

If you think you’re going through life in a daze and you’re stuck in a maze and there’s no rhythm or rime,  and you feel out of time, and in no way sublime . . . maybe you should sit down and read a book of poetry–or write one. If you want to laugh, cry, or jump for joy over words, here’s a good book of poetry you’ll love like a personal boy toy.

Click on the book and get it now.

Or you might want to get out of the haze because you’re stuck in the maze. You don’t know how, or have time to rime?

Escape now:



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Exercise Your Device

RELEASE DATE 2021 -SCIENCE FICTION ACTION ADVENTURE  In a new movie, called The Thinking Device, Brad Pitt





and  and George Clooney


are nuclear scientists.



About ten minutes into the movie Brad Pitt’s son wins the high school science project with a proton decelerator.






At work Pitt and Clooney discover the world is going to implode in ten hours.

At the end the device that saves them is the proton decelerator.

All movies have devices.

Sometimes, as in this movie, they are physical objects. Sometimes they are emotional where love saves or binds. And sometimes mental, for instance, a detective movie or a movie like The Sixth Sense which depends on your understanding of plot points and which makes you think.

Devices to awaken people from their mechanical routines are similar. Some are physical. The master whops his stick on the disciple’s noggin. Some are emotional, as in prayer, by identifying with love, compassion, and forgiveness—by opening the heart to your savior, Jesus or Buddha or God—you obtain those qualities. Some are mental.

What are Mental Devices?

The time track of philosophy goes back before the Greeks and uses a special device called a “thought experiment.” Early philosophers such as Xenophane developed the thought experiment that if a stone fence existed at the end of the universe and you could shoot an arrow over that wall, then the universe was infinite.

This is also how science works.

In fact, Einstein sitting in his office as a clerk daydreaming developed the concept of relativity by the thought experiment that changes in light speed was time. Moving faster and faster on a train away from a light source created a relative condition. He traveled in his mind on a train and developed the theory of relativity.


You do a thought experiment right now. Create a device that changes your world. Make it big or small. What does it do? What color is it? Does it have moving parts? What sound does it make? Where are you keeping it? Is it changing your life or everyone’s life?

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Playing the Game of Life

Florence Shinn


In her book, The Game of Life and How to Play It, Florence Shinn says “It is a game . . . which can not be played successfully without the knowledge of spiritual law, and the Old and New Testament give the rules of the game with wonderful clearness. Jesus taught that it was a great game of Giving and Receiving.”


Change what you say and you change your world

In this book she emphasizes how a person can change their world. They can change the conditions of their lives by changing what they say?

She quotes Proverbs 18:21

“Death and Life are in the power of the tongue.”

Every person has a developing essence within and we are all brothers and sisters no matter what ethnic or racial background.

The mouth  is the doorway to the game of life. It is played on the board of your reality with your own self and others. You shape your game and play it.

You can play our game, at by clicking here.

Click button to find a baby
Find Baby

or   play a little game to find baby who is hiding.

Exercise: Find a game you like and start playing. Get away from the computer and join with others in a game. It’s called recreation because it is re creation.  Remember, how you play the game of life is determined by what you say.

  Say What!?

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Finding Enlightenment

English Romantic Poet, William Wordsworth, is often quoted:

“The world is too much with us; late and soon, … The World Is Too Much with Us”

You know life is a grind because 200 years later Jackson Browne sang in The Pretender:

“I’m going to rent myself a house
In the shade of the freeway
Gonna pack my lunch in the morning
And go to work each day
And when the evening rolls around
I’ll go on home and lay my body down
And when the morning light comes streaming in
I’ll get up and do it again

We fill our lives with politics, eating, driving around, and purchasing “stuff” we think will make us happy. We put so much emphasis on who and what we are and money is everything . . . Yet, even after a person has “it made” something is missing.

Perhaps in Wallden , Henry David Thoreau, put it best

the mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.”

What is It?

Enlightenment is difficult to describe simply because there are no reference points, no language, no words. It’s beyond description. We want it, but we don’t know exactly what “it” is.

Alan Watt’s book This is it posits the idea of realizing that the very life you’re leading, this moment, washing the dishes, mowing the lawn, playing with the kids, being in the garden . . . whatever you’re doing right now. . . This is enlightenment.

This is It is a great read.


In your mind’s eye, right now, you are walking down a dark hallway. You reach out and feel the texture of the walls and you can tell you’re walking on rug on the floor. It’s dark, but up ahead is a tiny light. As you near it, you see there is a skylight. Looking, up the clouds part and light streams into you.

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Sexual Healing

On the Midnight Love album in the song ‘Sexual Healing’,

Marvin Gaye sang,

Baby, I’m hot just like an oven
Baby now let’s get down tonight
Baby, I’m hot just like an oven
I need some lovin’
And baby, I can’t hold it much longer
It’s getting stronger and stronger
And when I get that feeling
I want sexual healing
Sexual healing, oh baby
Makes me feel so fine
Helps to relieve my mind
Sexual healing baby, is good for me
Sexual healing is something that’s good for me

. . .

Now, are there sexual exercises a person can do either alone or with a lover?

. . .
First, let’s consider the virtues of the Penis. Say what? Dog! That’s a taboo subject. (Okay, kid alert. If you’re under 18 you’re not allow to read this if it was 1982 when Marvin Gaye sang the song above, but it’s 2020 and the Internet changed all that, so here you go.)
. . .

The Virtues of the Penis

In his book, The Tao of Sexuality, Dr. Stephen T. Chang fills the pages with exercises you can do with a lover. In that book he lists five virtues of the Penis.
. . .
1. Kindness. As a tool for servicing the woman, it keeps giving and giving.
2. Righteousness. it is not selfish. It performs its duty, yet it is empty on the inside with nothing of its own.
3. Courteousness. It is polite. It advances or retreats at the right time.
4. Wisdom. It know how to find a way to please a woman.
5. Honesty. It will keep on laboring and completes its duty.
. . .
Now, if you haven’t already died of laughter, you can try this. The center of your body is your stove, where energy for sex and everything else is generated. You can stoke that stove with this exercise.
. . .
Before going to sleep tonight, as you lay on your back, gently rub your stomach with your palm. Take it easy. Rub in a clockwise circle.  No matter your age, rub around 25  times more than your number of years. Do this every night for a week.
. . .
If you want to find out more about how sex, how different positions can heal different diseases, get Dr. Chang’s book.
. . .

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Increasing Your Ability to Imagine

Today’s Exercise develops the ability to visual different forms.

Right Now, With Eyes Open

See if you can see the following in your mind’s eye:

A Circle. 

A Square.

A Triangle.

A Cube rapidly changing to blue, then red, white, and yellow.

A Five-pointed Star that flashes, disappears and re-appears.  

A red rose.

A white dove.

A ship under sail burning on the seas.

An exploding sunset.

A pulsing, rotating wheel of fire.

A pillar of colors flashing violet, blue, yellow and red.

A chariot pulled by seven white horses, driven by a female warrior.


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