Cosmic Laws of Success

Success Has Different Meaning

Our society seems to equate having a large financial portfolio, a big bank account, properties and a large estate with success, but accomplishing one’s aim depends on purpose. If a person’s goal is to take a mate to bed the words of George Harrison might be appropriate. He sang,

I got my mind set on you
I got my mind set on you
But it’s gonna take money
A whole lot of spending money
It’s gonna take plenty of money
To do it right, child . . .

Happiness is a Determiner of Success

Whatever a person’s aim if they end up being unhappy, then what’s the use? Existence is futile if you can’t find happiness. If your mind is troubled and you can’t find peace, if you worry and fret over your fortune and have trouble with everything and everybody, you’ve lost your treasure.



Paramahansa Yogananda lived from 1917 to 1977. He established the Self-Realization Fellowship and became a well-know author with Autobiography of a Yogi. In a small tract, The Laws of Success, he writes,

“By the power of concentration and meditation you can direct the inexhaustible power of your mind to accomplish what you desire and to guard every door against failure. All successful men and women devote much time to deep concentration. They are able to dive deeply within their minds and to find the pearls of right solutions for the problems that confront them. If you learn how to withdraw your attention from all objects of distraction and to place it upon one object of concentration, you too will know how to attract at will whatever you want.”

Everyone and Everything Loves Attention

Attention deficit disorder is a disease of the information age. The Center for Disease Control estimates that at least 4% of adults have it and 10% of children are afflicted. Cats. Dogs, the kids, a buzzing fly, and the dirty dishes want it from you; then the bills and paper work. There is always something  asking for attention, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, some show you can’t miss and something that “has to be done.”


If you don’t have one already, make a place in your living space that is a sacred quiet place where you can set aside a small amount of time to relax and focus. Withdraw attention and go inward. Allow both your physical being and your mind to relax. Place your thoughts upon your happiness. Feel what that would be like . . .  

Success is yours. The cosmic laws of the Universe support you. If you’d like more information, get one of our e-books.

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Getting Deep Sleep


A Lot of People Have Sleep Problems. 

During the night we rest, rejuvenate and heal, but a lot of people either can’t sleep or have terrible sleep. This gets worse as we age.  Twenty seven  percent of people in a new Consumer Reports survey of 4,023 U.S. adults said they had trouble falling asleep or staying asleep most nights, and 68 percent—or an estimated 164 million Americans—struggle with sleep.

Some Remedies 

A few things one can do to help sleep is to reinforce your circadian cycle by developing a life rhythm. This is done by establishing a certain time to go to sleep and awaken. Also, a quiet and dark room really helps. A small amount of the hormone Melatonin may also benefit.

Deep Sleep is Necessary.

REM is a stage of sleep before deep sleep. REM stands for Rapid Eye Movement. There’s a debate right now. Some medical professionals say REM is an early stage before deep sleep and some say a late stage right before deep sleep. All agree rapid eye movement is a stage that comes before deep sleep.

Everyone’s Environment is Polluted

Our lives today are filled with eye strain, blue light, toxins, dust and polluted air. There’s not much a person can do, yet at night there may be an easy solution.  Here’s a tip to get deeper sleep. Since our eyes move back and forth before deep sleep, this simple tip will help. It’s an obvious solution to getting better sleep.


Before going to sleep at night, use a few drops of eye wash in each eye. 

Give it a try.

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A Luminiferous Vibrant Life

The Purpose of this blog, EXERCISES FOR HUMAN GROWTH,

is to bring more life into our readers’ lives. Because we are creatures of habit, we are subject to what the Chinese refer to in this proverb

                    Habits are cobwebs at first, then chains at last.

Drabness, dullness, and the doldrums of life with depression and loneliness are often caused by habits that have become chains.

When this happens a solution is to bring more color into your life. Colors both sooth and energize us.

Here’s today’s exercise. It’s an easy color meditation. See the scene in your mind as your read. 

You are traveling in a car on a highway where on one side is flat extensive desert and on the other the desert suddenly juts up broken by gigantic white snow-capped mountains that touch a sky in patches of azure blue almost hidden by grey storm clouds. A light drenching of rain covers the ground and then an explosion of golden light breaks through the clouds and across the desert floor a luminous violet, blue, red and green rainbow appears and then miraculous an smaller rainbow forms below it.

The appreciation of color is the mystics way of 7 rays–the seven colors of the rainbow. Pick up one of our e-books. They’re fun reads.   

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Call Your Spirit Home

Ask Any Vegetable

In 1966 Frank Zappa came out and sang the lyrics:

Call any vegetable
And the chances are good
That a vegetable will respond to you

We’re not vegetables; We’re humans.

Humans move, talk and dance with Spirit.


But what is spirit? 

Have you ever seen a horse that’s running free? It’s a good metaphor for Spirit because what animals do besides hunting for food, eating and mating is . . . they play and have fun.

Ella Fitsgerald sang,  “Birds do it. Bee’s do it. Let’s fall in love.”

Sometimes We Get Depressed

And feel like we’re stuck, in the doldrums, frozen, between a rock and a hard place. We may be growing, but we feel like a vegetable. What to do when that happens?

Here’s an exercise that will get call back your Spirit so you can feel better and ad a little play to your life. You can do this at home but it works a lot better when you’re out.


When you’re at a coffee shop or a restaurant go to the entrance and open the door. Reach up your hand and wave. Call your name and say “(your name) come back. Hey (your name)! Come back!” 

Now, the people in the coffee shop or restaurant don’t know who you’re calling, that you’re calling your spirit, and they don’t care. Maybe your friend has the same name as you. Who knows? So do it. 

Thanks for reading.