Cosmic Laws of Success

Success Has Different Meaning

Our society seems to equate having a large financial portfolio, a big bank account, properties and a large estate with success, but accomplishing one’s aim depends on purpose. If a person’s goal is to take a mate to bed the words of George Harrison might be appropriate. He sang,

I got my mind set on you
I got my mind set on you
But it’s gonna take money
A whole lot of spending money
It’s gonna take plenty of money
To do it right, child . . .

Happiness is a Determiner of Success

Whatever a person’s aim if they end up being unhappy, then what’s the use? Existence is futile if you can’t find happiness. If your mind is troubled and you can’t find peace, if you worry and fret over your fortune and have trouble with everything and everybody, you’ve lost your treasure.



Paramahansa Yogananda lived from 1917 to 1977. He established the Self-Realization Fellowship and became a well-know author with Autobiography of a Yogi. In a small tract, The Laws of Success, he writes,

“By the power of concentration and meditation you can direct the inexhaustible power of your mind to accomplish what you desire and to guard every door against failure. All successful men and women devote much time to deep concentration. They are able to dive deeply within their minds and to find the pearls of right solutions for the problems that confront them. If you learn how to withdraw your attention from all objects of distraction and to place it upon one object of concentration, you too will know how to attract at will whatever you want.”

Everyone and Everything Loves Attention

Attention deficit disorder is a disease of the information age. The Center for Disease Control estimates that at least 4% of adults have it and 10% of children are afflicted. Cats. Dogs, the kids, a buzzing fly, and the dirty dishes want it from you; then the bills and paper work. There is always something  asking for attention, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, some show you can’t miss and something that “has to be done.”


If you don’t have one already, make a place in your living space that is a sacred quiet place where you can set aside a small amount of time to relax and focus. Withdraw attention and go inward. Allow both your physical being and your mind to relax. Place your thoughts upon your happiness. Feel what that would be like . . .  

Success is yours. The cosmic laws of the Universe support you. If you’d like more information, get one of our e-books.

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You Can Use Your Magnetic Center



You’re a wonderful person.

You are unique and have special qualities that no one else does. You deserve to have a life filled with love, freedom, joy and abundance. Our purpose is to show you how to get these.

You can manifest this easily

and simply if you understand and put into practice what’s contained here. What I learned while researching manifestation was that within every person, hidden behind the mask they wear as a wife, husband, working person, mother, father, son and daughter is a power essence.

Power Essence

It is concentrated love.


Realize you have this center within you, then in all your dealings with others–harmonize and vibrate with their internal center—their essence. When you understand and access your center, you become polarized in a life filled with love, joy, freedom and abundance.

People are drawn to you.

They cooperate with you. They want to help you because their essence, their essence of love, is activated around you. When people are around you, you act like a tuning fork. Your vibration awakens their magnetic center.


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Thanks for reading, Steve

A Luminiferous Vibrant Life

The Purpose of this blog, EXERCISES FOR HUMAN GROWTH,

is to bring more life into our readers’ lives. Because we are creatures of habit, we are subject to what the Chinese refer to in this proverb

                    Habits are cobwebs at first, then chains at last.

Drabness, dullness, and the doldrums of life with depression and loneliness are often caused by habits that have become chains.

When this happens a solution is to bring more color into your life. Colors both sooth and energize us.

Here’s today’s exercise. It’s an easy color meditation. See the scene in your mind as your read. 

You are traveling in a car on a highway where on one side is flat extensive desert and on the other the desert suddenly juts up broken by gigantic white snow-capped mountains that touch a sky in patches of azure blue almost hidden by grey storm clouds. A light drenching of rain covers the ground and then an explosion of golden light breaks through the clouds and across the desert floor a luminous violet, blue, red and green rainbow appears and then miraculous an smaller rainbow forms below it.

The appreciation of color is the mystics way of 7 rays–the seven colors of the rainbow. Pick up one of our e-books. They’re fun reads.   

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Two Sides to Every Question

Have You Every Heard This?

“My way or the highway!”

Well, sometimes it’s a good idea to take them up on this. In that case, it’s time to cry out: “Road Trip!” and then  take off. You don’t need somebody who knows everything. There are always two sides to every question.  Your opinion, your viewpoint, is important. Of course, if it’s your boss and your job is on the line, maybe your road trip could be postponed. Maybe not.

Put Yourself in a Different Place

The way to understand other people is to put yourself in their place. What are they seeing when they deal with you? What problems are they facing? If you can walk in their shoes for a short time, you’ll experience what’s going on with them.

See Yourself as Others See You.

On seeing a lady’s bonnet in Church, Robert Burns wrote to Louise

Robert Burns hatDear Louise,


 if we could just see ourselves as others see us!

“Oh, would some Power give us the gift
To see ourselves as others see us!
It would from many a blunder free us,
And foolish notion:
What airs in dress and gait would leave us,
And even devotion!”

Putting yourself in another’s place, in their shoes, gives you the gift to see yourself as other’s see you. . . and shows you there are at least two sides to every question, at least two ways to do everything.


Clasp your hands together. That’s right, as you’re reading, do it. Okay, now do it another way. You’ll notice that if you crossed your left thumb over your right thumb, you can cross the thumbs and fingers in another opposite way. 

Now, cross your arms over chest as you normally do. Now, cross them a different way. If you cross the right over the left then cross the left over the right.

These are simple movements.

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Unleash Instinctual Vitality

Pictures of two hands in light
Capture Vitality


How Do We Become More Vital? defines vitality as exuberant physical strength or mental vigor. a person of great vitality has the capacity for survival or for the continuation of a meaningful or purposeful existence. Vitality is the power to live or grow. 

So How Do We Get Great Vitality?

Wait! Wait  a minute. I’m not happy with that definition. We can’t define “vitality” by defining it as “great vitality.”  But for sure, we know it when we see it. Someone walks into a room and everyone turns. Who’s this striding to the forefront? What’s that special quality? It’s not exactly “savoir fare” which means to speak appropriately; it’s closer to “Joie de vivre” which means joy for life. But really, it’s more like an internal feeling which is being transmitted to you from them. You can’t help yourself; your attention is drawn to them.

Link to Great Vitality.

In his seminal book Movements of Power, Bob Klein writes:

To put it very simply, the individual human body is but one level on which you exist. It is a point you can focus on. The interplay of attention and creativity can move to other physical objects and to other kinds of experiences. The animating of a human body is a creative act that we are involved in at every moment. This animating is affected by how we creatively use attention.

Golden Key

The key is to pay attention to your own vitality. 

Here’s today’s exercise:

Notice through the day what you pay attention to. How much attention is on the internal body activity, as compared with the senses, as compared with thought, as compared with physical sensations. Is attention mainly concentrated in one part of the body–the head, the stomach, the feet–where?

Bob Klein’s book is an amazing window to developing internal power and vitality. It’s a good read. Get it now.


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