Are You Impeccable?

Impeccable People

Chickens peck a lot, but they’re not exactly impeccable. The word “impeccable” describes something or someone without any flaws who has extremely high standards especially for themselves. Some times these people don’t have many friends because to a perfectionist others seems crude, flawed, and disorganized.

Being Impeccable can also be a Benefit.

Certainly is a lot easier to get things done when you know where your tools are and you can find them. When paperwork is in the right files, this speeds production. When every thing is flowing, working great, one can be on top of the world. But what do you do when it’s not going exactly right?


OKR or Objectives and Key Results is a framework for defining and tracking objectives and their outcomes. The development of OKRs is generally attributed to Andy Grove the “Father of OKRs”, who introduced the approach to Intel during his tenure there and documented this in his 1983 book High Output Management. Wikipedia


OKR can keep you on the right track

It defines what you seek to achieve. Results come from how these top priority goals will be obtained with specific measurable actions within a set time frame. What’s important is to keep the “main thing” the main thing.

Ask these questions:
  1. What’s the point?
  2. What’s the goal?
  3. What’s the future look like?
  4. Who do you and your associates want to become?

In his new book, Measure What Matters, Grove stresses you must “. . . crystallize your objective. Break that down into key results. . . . take your goals, your objectives, and break them down into measurable metrics when achieved add up to that objective.”


Sit down with pen and paper or use the keyboard, right now, and write down “How do I generate what I want or need?” Then ask yourself,  “What measure will I use to know I’ve achieve it.” Finally, “How do I understand what’s going on with me, my situation, my life?

Grove points out his strategy: “Don’t focus on or study the faults, the poverty, focus on how do you generate what you want.”

You don’t need to be impeccable to get his book. Just click below.

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Life Needs Rhythm


Rock and Roll Star Bob Segar
Young Bob Seger



1,2,3.4 . . .

The drummer and the base hit the rhythm and a long-hair singer steps to the mic.

“So you’re a little bit older
And a lot less bolder than you used to be
So you used to shake ’em down
But now you stop and think about your dignity
So now sweet sixteen’s turned thirty-one
You get to feelin’ weary when the work day’s done
Well all you got to do is get up and into your kicks
If you’re in a fix
Come back baby, rock and roll never forgets”

A life of Rhythm is Harmony

The most important quality a person can develop is to be in harmony with themselves and their world. This is accomplished by establishing a good sleep and working day-to-day pattern, and appreciating one’s world.

picture of Hazrat Khan
A Young Hazrat Inayat Khan

In The Sufi Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan, he writes

“It must be understood that rhythm is the balance of speech and action. One must speak at the right time, otherwise silence is better than speech. A word of sympathy with the grief of another, and a smile at least when another laughs. One should watch the opportunity for moving a subject in society, and never abruptly change the subject of conversation, but skillfully blend two subjects with a harmonious link. Also one should wait patiently while another speaks, and keep a rein on one’s speech when the thought rushes out uncontrollably, in order to keep it in rhythm and under control during its outlet. One should emphasize the important words with a consideration of strong and weak accent. It is necessary to choose the right word and mode of expression, to regulate the speed and to know how to keep the rhythm. Some people beginning to speak slowly and gradually increase the speed to such an extent that they are unable to speak coherently. “

What’s your rhythm?

Are you pounding out a staccato one eighth beats, jamming around town or are you doing a three-four waltz on a lazy river cruise? Is it time to rest or get up because you’re in a fix?


Sit with yourself for a moment and consider your life as a video. Watch the rhythm. Change the speed at which it plays. Slow it down or speed it up. Now, step into that, get out of the fix and get your kicks.

Hazrat Inyat Khan’s Sufi Teaching holds secrets. Get it here.

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Conscious Eating

Big Food Plans It.

Engineered Food

What’s really in your food and water? The chips, packaged sweets, and condiments we eat are engineered foods that have a combination of sugar, salt, fat and other ingredients that fill us up but never leave us feeling satisfied. They ad weight to our bodies, ruin our digestion, and clog our systems but don’t nourish us,.

An Old Chinese Maxim Tells It All:

“We dig our graves with our knife and fork.”



Another good one from Gestalt psychology,

If your food tastes like straw, your life is probably just as dull.”


One of the friends of this blog, Human Growth Exercises, let’s call him Dr. Douglas Digg. (not his real name), sent us this comment.

Doug Digg writes:

“I used to eat the regular fare from the store. You know, ground meat, potato salad from the deli, sometimes ice berg lettuce and some canned stuff. Then I visited the local organic garden and got the bug. At first, I started growing veggies in pots, then the disease really got hold of me and I tore out the lawn and planted raised beds. I have so much more energy now, the food tastes . . . well, I don’t have a word, maybe “real.” And you know what, it lasts 3 or 4 times longer in the refer. That is, what’s left over. Most of the time we eat right out of the garden.

Conscious eating is where you sit down and eat, and that’s all you do. You don’t watch TV or the computer or talk on your phone. You eat and because mastication is the first step in digestion, you become a kid again with your little train, and “Chew, chew, chew, chew.”

Okay, you don’t have to say that, but you do masticate your food.


Today, during one meal, sit with what you’re eating and as you chew it,  pay strict attention to it. Think about where it came from. Was it processed and shipped or grown locally? How many days has it been since it was alive? What was the place like where it was raised? Was it prepared by someone who cared about it, who thought about you, the consumer, someone who cared about you?

Here’s a wonderful book about conscious eating. Get it.


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Want to be a Star?

The Universe has Billions of Stars

The question is “How are you going to stand out?” To shine you have to be different.  What everyone wants is some sort of distinction. Nobody wants to be part of the teeming mass that will  blindly follow over the ledge like lemmings.


Yet, in Mark 8:37 we read:

“What does it profit a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul.”

Because we’re born with qualities, because everyone has inherent talents, the real question becomes “How to gain distinction and still actualize yourself?”

Your Dreams May Guide You

Dreams are symbolic representations that sometimes simply allow the mind to complete the “uncompleted” situations of the day. For instance, if you wanted to say something important to a friend or family member, and they just wouldn’t listen. Maybe in your dream you can do that.

Then again, dreams can take you deeper. In fact, Carlos Castaneda has written a book in which he gives distinct exercises on how to wake up in your dreams. This is called lucid dreaming. The book is The Art of Dreaming. 

Be careful if you buy this book. Waking up in your dreams is a life altering event. . . Perhaps you need that. If you want, you can try the exercise that begins the process of lucid dreaming.


Look at your hands before going to sleep. Tell yourself you will see your hands in your dream. Continue doing this until you see your hands in your dream. Then try to see your feet, then picture seeing your whole body

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The Universe is Perfect; Do What You Love

The Gears Mesh Perfectly

Synchronicity is defined as the simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection. It’s as if the Universe were a giant mechanical clock and all the cogs and notches fit perfectly.

You Can Have Whatever You Want

In his exceptional book, You Can Have It AllArnold Patent writes:

   “The Universe wants us to experience a life that works perfectly. Thinking that life is a struggle, that unless we figure things out, we will not understand what to do . . . these are just thoughts we made up. The fact that many people think this way, does not make it true.

We can, at any time, surrender to the perfection of the Universe and allow infinite intelligence to guide us on our perfect path. The only precondition to this is the belief this is how the Universe works. Believing it makes it so. Try it! There is no other way to find out.”

Faith. Belief. These are powers. 

Have faith that what you desire, doing what you want, having what you want . . . believe it will happen and it will.


Make a list of the things you love to do. Limit the list to those activities that create excitement in you at the mere thought of them. Narrow the list down to one.  See yourself doing it, being that. Believe in yourself. Have faith you will be successful. 

Arnold Patent’s book is an eye opener. If you’re interested in finding out how the Universe actually works, buy his book: Click on the book:

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Does the Law of Attraction Really Work?

An Interesting Quiz

We ran a short quiz on our Facebook page. We asked the question:

Why Doesn’t the Law of Attraction Work?

Choose an option:

1. Subconscious programming prevents it.

2. People are Lazy.

3. It does work if you believe.

4. It always works.

In this particular poll most people chose # 1.

Writing about the Law of Attraction has been around for awhile.

Thousands of years before The Secret and the channeled work of the Hicks, it was written by Hermes on the Emerald Tablets in the law of polarity, the law of gender. A more recent work by Charles F. Haanel was originally published in 1912 as weekly tracts and incorporated into a book titled, The Master Key System.

The Master Key is the Law of Attraction

In that book he writes,

“The law is that Thought is an active vital form of dynamic energy which has the power to correlate with its object and bring it out of the invisible substance from which all things are created into the visible or objective world. This is the law by which, and through which, all things come into manifestation; it is also the Master Key by which you are admitted into the Secret Place of Most High and are given “dominion over all things.” With an understanding of this law you may ‘decree a thing and it will be established unto thee.’ ”

It is a Law of Nature

The Law of Attraction is a Natural Law. Like attracts like. Haanel goes on to write “Mental efficiency is contingent upon harmony, discord means confusion; therefore, he who would acquire power must be in harmony with Natural Law.”

Attention Equals Interest

Whatever you do today and in the next week use the incentive of attention. Attention is interest; the greater the attention, the greater the interest, action and reaction. Begin whatever you do by paying attention and before long you will be more interested. This will attract more attention.


Pick something you’re interested in and increase your attention. See if you can multiply that interest by attending to it with more attention. Then, increase your interest by more attention. 

The Master Key system is a week by week system you can use to attract whatever you want. Also, it’s a fun read and will re-program you subconscious mind. Now, click on the book below.


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The World's a Feast by Wisdomgame
Great Instructions for More Life!

Mental Cleaning Before Bed

Everyone has 21st Century Stress

It’s impossible to avoid. By the time we hit the sheets we’re so exhausted from our day of doing, worrying, acting or reacting. Sleep comes slow. The mind is full of “This person said this,” or “Why did they do that to me,” or “How am I going to take care of that,” and so on.

Nothing Ever Gets Resolved

And so our dreams are filled with symbolic representations of our day where we try and resolve all that happened, but we can’t understand that and we toss and turn and don’t sleep well.

Awaken From the Dream

the sleeper
Resolve the conflicts before sleep.

The following exercise comes from The 4th Way by Ouspensky. Now, if you’d like to find out more about yourself, the world, and also delve into esoteric knowledge, this book is a good place to start. It’s a beginning, a place to turn on to who you really are. All in all, the 4th way is a fascinating study with the end result of awakening from the hypnotism of the world.

Sleep Tight. 

When people go to bed, often they review the day from beginning to end. Try the following. It cleans up the mind for better sleep. Here’s a simple exercise before going to sleep.


As you lay down to sleep, remember your day from the time you got in bed to the morning in reverse order. See yourself preparing for bed, brushing your teeth, getting in your sleeping clothes. Go back to what you did just before that, maybe watching TV. Then review your day from incident or state of mind backwards, back to getting up. 

Get started on the 4th Way, Get it now!




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What You Say Matters

Words Can be Very Powerful

Often, we inadvertently insult people in our conversation. This may have happened to you: a friend makes a comment that shows they don’t see you as you see yourself. Maybe they don’t think you’re quite as intelligent as you do. Or, maybe they think you’re not capable, or weak, or older than you think you look.

Open up or Close Down

You can open people up or close them down with your conversation. In a Chinese Treasure called Thunder in the Sky, writerThomas Cleary translates The Master of the Demon Valley. He writes:

“Thus to talk of longevity, happiness, wealth, status, honor, fame, love, fondness, material gain, success, joy or desire is yang; this is called the beginning. And to talk of death, grief, trouble, poverty, disgrace, rejection, loss, disappointment, injury, punishment, execution, or penalty is yin; this is called the end.”

The mouth is the door of the mind;

Your mouth is the doorway to other’s minds. Hook their attention and control their minds.The mind is the host of the spirit. Opening means speech. Closing means silence. What you say and don’t say–matters.


Today and for the next week, be aware of what you’re talking about and what you’re not saying. Ask yourself, am I beginning to open something or am I closing and ending something? What am I speaking about? What is it leading to? 

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rocket idea coming out of light bulb
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Call Your Spirit Home

Ask Any Vegetable

In 1966 Frank Zappa came out and sang the lyrics:

Call any vegetable
And the chances are good
That a vegetable will respond to you

We’re not vegetables; We’re humans.

Humans move, talk and dance with Spirit.


But what is spirit? 

Have you ever seen a horse that’s running free? It’s a good metaphor for Spirit because what animals do besides hunting for food, eating and mating is . . . they play and have fun.

Ella Fitsgerald sang,  “Birds do it. Bee’s do it. Let’s fall in love.”

Sometimes We Get Depressed

And feel like we’re stuck, in the doldrums, frozen, between a rock and a hard place. We may be growing, but we feel like a vegetable. What to do when that happens?

Here’s an exercise that will get call back your Spirit so you can feel better and ad a little play to your life. You can do this at home but it works a lot better when you’re out.


When you’re at a coffee shop or a restaurant go to the entrance and open the door. Reach up your hand and wave. Call your name and say “(your name) come back. Hey (your name)! Come back!” 

Now, the people in the coffee shop or restaurant don’t know who you’re calling, that you’re calling your spirit, and they don’t care. Maybe your friend has the same name as you. Who knows? So do it. 

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Unleash Instinctual Vitality

Pictures of two hands in light
Capture Vitality


How Do We Become More Vital? defines vitality as exuberant physical strength or mental vigor. a person of great vitality has the capacity for survival or for the continuation of a meaningful or purposeful existence. Vitality is the power to live or grow. 

So How Do We Get Great Vitality?

Wait! Wait  a minute. I’m not happy with that definition. We can’t define “vitality” by defining it as “great vitality.”  But for sure, we know it when we see it. Someone walks into a room and everyone turns. Who’s this striding to the forefront? What’s that special quality? It’s not exactly “savoir fare” which means to speak appropriately; it’s closer to “Joie de vivre” which means joy for life. But really, it’s more like an internal feeling which is being transmitted to you from them. You can’t help yourself; your attention is drawn to them.

Link to Great Vitality.

In his seminal book Movements of Power, Bob Klein writes:

To put it very simply, the individual human body is but one level on which you exist. It is a point you can focus on. The interplay of attention and creativity can move to other physical objects and to other kinds of experiences. The animating of a human body is a creative act that we are involved in at every moment. This animating is affected by how we creatively use attention.

Golden Key

The key is to pay attention to your own vitality. 

Here’s today’s exercise:

Notice through the day what you pay attention to. How much attention is on the internal body activity, as compared with the senses, as compared with thought, as compared with physical sensations. Is attention mainly concentrated in one part of the body–the head, the stomach, the feet–where?

Bob Klein’s book is an amazing window to developing internal power and vitality. It’s a good read. Get it now.


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