You Want to be a Millionaire


A Few Million Would be Really Nice.

On the other hand, taxes will take half off the top. Your friends and relatives will want another half. The new house or remodel will cost another half. Later, when you’re living in the van on the street you will think back about your life, especially if you had an irresistible lover, and you’ll sing a Robert Palmer song:

She’s unavoidable, I’m backed against the wall
She gives me feelings like I never felt before
I’m breaking promises, she’s breaking every law
She used to look good to me, but now I find her
Simply irresistible . She’s so fine, there’s no tellin’

. . . where the money went”

Is It Necessary to be a Millionaire?

Being a millionaire is good. A billionaire is better. How about a trillion? It’s just too much. What kind of life do you want to create for yourself? What’s the final result of your efforts. When you start a project, it’s good to keep the end in mind.

Be the Person You Want to Be.

In a great book, The Millionaire Course, author Marc Allen writes that being a millionaire has nothing to do with being the person that you want to be. He writes,

“Understanding that makes things a lot easier for us: We don’t need to achieve our goals of success in the world before we can find enjoyment and even fulfillment in our lives, because enjoyment and fulfillment are found within us, not out there in the world, and certainly not in a big house or hefty bank account or diversified investment portfolio.”

He goes on to relate what Eckhart Tolle says in the power of now.

“All we need to do is get the inside right, and then the outside will take care of itself.”


Create a perfect day in your thoughts. What would it be like awakening, going about your morning routine, going out or staying in? Make everything just right. Create just one day of perfection. Add in whatever senses, tastes and fragrances, sights and sounds and textures that fit in that day.

Get Marc’s Book. It’s a step by step program that leads you to construct More Life with beauty and also, as a side note, $ 1,000,000.

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How Aware Are You?


Two hands praying?


We Sleep Through Life

The 4th way is a study which promotes the idea that we live in a world which is actually asleep. In an analogous way to actual sleep and waking up, there is a higher state of consciousness than our normal being. In this higher state everyone else seems to be asleep.

Almost Everyone Believes They Are Awake

People don’t remember who they really are. We go through life thinking we’re aware, conscious and awake to at least most of what is happening through us and to us. But is this the case.?

The First Step.

As in AA–Alcoholics Anonnomous–the first step is to admit you’ve been lying to yourself. One admits they are an alcoholic. To wake up to the fact we are asleep we need to admit we’re sleeping. The following exercise comes from Vernon Howard:

   Every day we walk through many doorways. We go to the bathroom, enter the kitchen, leave the house, go to work and so on. Each time we have to go through a doorway. Make up your mind right now, today, whenever you go through a doorway you will stop and take notice. Make a note of it in your mind.  When you do this exercise, you will notice something very strange. At some point you will walk through a doorway and not notice.  . . .  Notice that also.

This is the beginning development of your power to remember yourself. 

This exercise comes from a little tract that shows you the power you hold. Get it now:


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                                           Don Juan

Energy Gets Stuck

You are more than a simple physical body, more than just your emotions and your thinking machinery. You are a being of light with an energy body that radiates as it interacts with the people and the environment around you; but sometimes congestion forms in that energy body.

Our Limits are Larger than We Think.

The boundaries we perceive as the separation between us and others and the environment are actually much larger, and extend much further than we believe.

We Think Too Small

Our boundaries are’t what human’s conceive of in our ordered thoughts, but extend to a totality of resources that are never used–simply because of the preconceived ideas that humans are limited.


In Magical Passes, Carlos Castaneda quotes Don Juan. “Energy which is essential for handling intent . . . is continuously dispelled from the vital centers located around the liver, pancreas, and kidneys . . . and settles down at the bottom of the luminous sphere. This energy needs to be constantly shirred and re-routed.”

Grinding With the Feet

Pivot on the balls of the feet from left to right and then right to left. Move sideways and back this way while moving the arms in unison. That is, like walking. The right arm moves forward as the left moves back. Repeating this movement accounts for the total engagement of the limbs and internal organs and disperses stuck energy. Do this for a few minutes each day for a week.

Pivot toward More Life.


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One of the aids to healing which toning provides is the cleansing of the field.  Another is to invite the subconscious mind to cooperate with ideas held in the rational mind and to bring about a condition of wholeness–body, mind and soul for the person.

Close Your Eyes

It is natural for all living things to move. The tides move, sape rises and falls in tress, plants move. It is unnatural for the body to be held in a rigid position. So let your body sway slightly to get the feelings of the rhythm of life, life’s pulsation, your breating. Finally, feel the oneness of all life throbbing in all of nature.

Feel the Magical Process.

Everything is alive within and around you. Relax the jaw so that the teeth are slightly parted. Let your body speak. Let sound come up from it, not down upon it from your mind.

Let Your Body Groan

Let it sigh a deep audible sigh. This is the feeling of release–an emptying out which is a resting. Encourage your body to be vocal. Start with low groans.

Abandon Everything

And let your body groan. You may think you have nothing to grown about but you will be surprised. All the hurts, physical and emotional, which you have received are buried in your subconscious memory.

Groaning Offers Relief.

And a door is opened so the repressed feelings of you entire life flow out of you.  This may come out in protests like “I’m tired of everything!” or “I can’t take it anymore!” Go with it. Go deeper. Follow the sound. Release!

Allow Yourself to Enjoy

The sensations around you–the sensations are the feeling of new aliveness. This is the way to More Life.

This exercise comes from TONING, The Creative Power of the Voice by Laurel Elizabeth Keyes.  Click on the icon below to buy it from Amazon. It’s a wonderful book which will open you and you’ll feel more alive.

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