Want to be a Star?

The Universe has Billions of Stars

The question is “How are you going to stand out?” To shine you have to be different.  What everyone wants is some sort of distinction. Nobody wants to be part of the teeming mass that will  blindly follow over the ledge like lemmings.


Yet, in Mark 8:37 we read:

“What does it profit a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul.”

Because we’re born with qualities, because everyone has inherent talents, the real question becomes “How to gain distinction and still actualize yourself?”

Your Dreams May Guide You

Dreams are symbolic representations that sometimes simply allow the mind to complete the “uncompleted” situations of the day. For instance, if you wanted to say something important to a friend or family member, and they just wouldn’t listen. Maybe in your dream you can do that.

Then again, dreams can take you deeper. In fact, Carlos Castaneda has written a book in which he gives distinct exercises on how to wake up in your dreams. This is called lucid dreaming. The book is The Art of Dreaming. 

Be careful if you buy this book. Waking up in your dreams is a life altering event. . . Perhaps you need that. If you want, you can try the exercise that begins the process of lucid dreaming.


Look at your hands before going to sleep. Tell yourself you will see your hands in your dream. Continue doing this until you see your hands in your dream. Then try to see your feet, then picture seeing your whole body

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                                           Don Juan

Energy Gets Stuck

You are more than a simple physical body, more than just your emotions and your thinking machinery. You are a being of light with an energy body that radiates as it interacts with the people and the environment around you; but sometimes congestion forms in that energy body.

Our Limits are Larger than We Think.

The boundaries we perceive as the separation between us and others and the environment are actually much larger, and extend much further than we believe.

We Think Too Small

Our boundaries are’t what human’s conceive of in our ordered thoughts, but extend to a totality of resources that are never used–simply because of the preconceived ideas that humans are limited.


In Magical Passes, Carlos Castaneda quotes Don Juan. “Energy which is essential for handling intent . . . is continuously dispelled from the vital centers located around the liver, pancreas, and kidneys . . . and settles down at the bottom of the luminous sphere. This energy needs to be constantly shirred and re-routed.”

Grinding With the Feet

Pivot on the balls of the feet from left to right and then right to left. Move sideways and back this way while moving the arms in unison. That is, like walking. The right arm moves forward as the left moves back. Repeating this movement accounts for the total engagement of the limbs and internal organs and disperses stuck energy. Do this for a few minutes each day for a week.

Pivot toward More Life.


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