Can We See into and Change the Future?

Humans Are Multi-Dimensional

There’s no doubt about this, not even a shadow of a doubt. If any doubt does exist it’s because the person considering it is sitting in that shadow and in Plato’s cave seeing only only reflections projected on a wall. They are refusing to look at human history as provided by literary works throughout recorded time. From the oracles of Delphi to the proponents of modern main-street media including YouTube pundits and homeless street dwellers talking to themselves, human beings predict and step into the mess that they have created by such predictions.

Picture of Neville Goddard
Neville Goddard

Neville Goddard, in Out of this World,    writes

Many persons, myself included, have observed events before they occurred; that is, before they occurred in this world of three dimensions. Since man can observe an event before it occurs in the three dimensions of space, life on earth must proceed according to plan, and this plan must exist else-where in another dimension and be slowly moving through our space. If the occurring events were not in this world when they were observed, then, to be perfectly logical, they must have been out of this world. And whatever is there to be seen before it occurs here must be “Predetermined” from the point of view of man awake in a three-dimensional world. Thus the question arises:”

Are we able to alter our future?

picture of Robert MOnroe
Robert Monroe, founder the Monroe Institute

Robert Monroe created the Monroe Institute to explore human consciousness.  They provide proven techniques to leave the body; that is, to have verifiable out of body experiences.

picture of joseph McMoneagle
Joseph McConeagle

One of the participants, Joseph McMoneagle writes in his book, Mind Trek,  Exploring Consciousness, Time and Space Through Remote Viewing:

“Think of your mind as a neatly fenced in backyard. The limits or the reach of you imagination is dependent upon how far out you allow those fences to stretch.”

As per his actual experiences in remote viewing, he goes on to say,

“Simply put, I think that I am sending myself information from the future. In other words, at some point in the future I will come to know the answer to whatever question has been put to me in the past. Therefore, whenever the information is passed to me in its accurate form, that is whenever the information is passed to me in its accurate form, that is when I send it back to myself in the past.”

Say What?!

Maybe we can remote view lottery numbers? 

He’s saying sometime in the future he’s sending information back to himself in the past. And you can do this right now.:

If there has every been an incident in the past which is still troubling you today. Say,  you said something or did a wrong, or would have done something a little different if you knew what you knew today, then send the correct information back to yourself.


See a younger you at a stage of your life that affected you right now. Send love, or re-assurance or see yourself doing  better or saying more helpful words; right now,  go back and correct whatever is causing your attachment in the here and now . . .  Forgive, make it better, and simply release it; let it go.  Also, be receptive to you in the future reaching back to you right now. What are you telling yourself?

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