Conscious Eating

Big Food Plans It.

Engineered Food

What’s really in your food and water? The chips, packaged sweets, and condiments we eat are engineered foods that have a combination of sugar, salt, fat and other ingredients that fill us up but never leave us feeling satisfied. They ad weight to our bodies, ruin our digestion, and clog our systems but don’t nourish us,.

An Old Chinese Maxim Tells It All:

“We dig our graves with our knife and fork.”



Another good one from Gestalt psychology,

If your food tastes like straw, your life is probably just as dull.”


One of the friends of this blog, Human Growth Exercises, let’s call him Dr. Douglas Digg. (not his real name), sent us this comment.

Doug Digg writes:

“I used to eat the regular fare from the store. You know, ground meat, potato salad from the deli, sometimes ice berg lettuce and some canned stuff. Then I visited the local organic garden and got the bug. At first, I started growing veggies in pots, then the disease really got hold of me and I tore out the lawn and planted raised beds. I have so much more energy now, the food tastes . . . well, I don’t have a word, maybe “real.” And you know what, it lasts 3 or 4 times longer in the refer. That is, what’s left over. Most of the time we eat right out of the garden.

Conscious eating is where you sit down and eat, and that’s all you do. You don’t watch TV or the computer or talk on your phone. You eat and because mastication is the first step in digestion, you become a kid again with your little train, and “Chew, chew, chew, chew.”

Okay, you don’t have to say that, but you do masticate your food.


Today, during one meal, sit with what you’re eating and as you chew it,  pay strict attention to it. Think about where it came from. Was it processed and shipped or grown locally? How many days has it been since it was alive? What was the place like where it was raised? Was it prepared by someone who cared about it, who thought about you, the consumer, someone who cared about you?

Here’s a wonderful book about conscious eating. Get it.


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