Improve Self-Image to Reach Potential

We Don’t Use All Our Potential

While it is true that some people do have natural inherent talent, most people do not achieve the use of more than a minute fraction of their potential ability. Given equal natural talent, those that become great do so because they have learned to use a higher proportion of their potential.

Society Constrains Potential

How a person feels about themselves is often determined by their value which society attributes to them, and so we fit ourselves into peg holes as “valuable” even though we’re not doing what fits us, what brings us to actualize our potential.

Moshé Feldenkrais was a Ukrainian-Israeli engineer and physicist, known as the founder of the Feldenkrais Method, a system of physical exercise that aims to improve human functioning by increasing self-awareness through movement.

He trained in the 4th Way school and developed extensive exercises which bring people to spontaneity.

In Awareness Through Movement, he writes

“It is important to understand that if a man wishes to improve his self-image, he must first of all value himself as an individual, even if his faults as a member of society appear to him to outweigh his qualities.”

More Development is Possible

He goes on to point out that even further development occurs when a person becomes more conscious of different parts of their body.  But his approach is built on changing the whole self-image. He says,

” . . . systematic correction of the self-image will be a quicker and more efficient approach than the correction of single actions and error in modes of behavior, . . . ”

The improvements which come from using the exercises in Awareness Through Movement improve the general dynamics of the self-image like playing on a piano which is tuned verses one which is not.


Tune yourself.

In your thoughts, increase your self-image. Feel yourself more alive moment to moment. Realize your blood is flowing, your heart is beating. Tune your mind, emotions, and your physical body so they are in harmony.  

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