One of our contributors, Jack Pollack (not his real name), recently sent us an abstract of his studies.  He says,

“In the late 1970’s I was living in Santa Barbara, California. As I had been studying Dianetics and a new Scientology storefront appeared on lower State Street, I walked in and took their personality test. Well, one thing led to the next and pretty soon two Scientologists were interviewing me. I wanted them to get rid of some nasty hung up places in my psyche which are called engrams. But they wanted me to lay down quite a few bucks to get “clear.’ I mentioned to them that L. Ron Hubbard had pointed out in Dianetics that time wasn’t a factor. Engrams could be cleared immediately. 

So anyway this discussion went on for a bit and then they took me up to see the President of the whole place. Outside the office was a bust of L. Ron Hubbard. After I met the young lady who was the President, we talked and talked for several entertaining hours and believe it or not she offered me the position of Vice President. And how much did they pay? .12 cents an hour. I declined.

At that time Scientology was having a bit of a go with the IRS over their non-profit religious status so I guess they might have thought I was an government agent because when I left the office about twenty people were on their knees praying to the bust of Ron.”

After receiving this abstract from Pollack, our editors at Exercises for Human Growth laughed it off. L. Ron Hubbard was a genius. His book, Dianetics, swept the literary world and sold millions of copies. It wasn’t until his church, Scientology got carried away and Tom Cruise was jumping up and down on Oprah’s couch . . . then, of course a movie “The Master,” lambasted him.

The focus of his work is that we all have “reactive minds,” that keep us from being the person we could be.


When in conversation and someone says or does something and you feel like reacting, see if you can locate where that reaction is coming from. Is it from you, your mom or dad, or your teachers, or some social part of your psyche? Do you have to react, or can you just let it pass? If you “mind” what the person is saying or doing, it maybe from your reactive mind.

Even if you’ve read Dianetics, it’s worth a second look. Get it.


Talk you later,



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