A Luminiferous Vibrant Life

The Purpose of this blog, EXERCISES FOR HUMAN GROWTH,

is to bring more life into our readers’ lives. Because we are creatures of habit, we are subject to what the Chinese refer to in this proverb

                    Habits are cobwebs at first, then chains at last.

Drabness, dullness, and the doldrums of life with depression and loneliness are often caused by habits that have become chains.

When this happens a solution is to bring more color into your life. Colors both sooth and energize us.

Here’s today’s exercise. It’s an easy color meditation. See the scene in your mind as your read. 

You are traveling in a car on a highway where on one side is flat extensive desert and on the other the desert suddenly juts up broken by gigantic white snow-capped mountains that touch a sky in patches of azure blue almost hidden by grey storm clouds. A light drenching of rain covers the ground and then an explosion of golden light breaks through the clouds and across the desert floor a luminous violet, blue, red and green rainbow appears and then miraculous an smaller rainbow forms below it.

The appreciation of color is the mystics way of 7 rays–the seven colors of the rainbow. Pick up one of our e-books. They’re fun reads.   

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