The Magic Key to Yourself

The Magic Key Franklin Used to Spark his Love Life
Ben Franklin’s Magic Key. Get grounded first.

Is there a magic key that unlocks  the secrets?

Today’s Exercise: Watch this video. Ask yourself, am I hypnotized? . . . and How do I break free? 

If you think you’re going through life in a daze and you’re stuck in a maze and there’s no rhythm or rime,  and you feel out of time, and in no way sublime . . . maybe you should sit down and read a book of poetry–or write one. If you want to laugh, cry, or jump for joy over words, here’s a good book of poetry you’ll love like a personal boy toy.

Click on the book and get it now.

Or you might want to get out of the haze because you’re stuck in the maze. You don’t know how, or have time to rime?

Escape now:



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