Sexual Healing

On the Midnight Love album in the song ‘Sexual Healing’,

Marvin Gaye sang,

Baby, I’m hot just like an oven
Baby now let’s get down tonight
Baby, I’m hot just like an oven
I need some lovin’
And baby, I can’t hold it much longer
It’s getting stronger and stronger
And when I get that feeling
I want sexual healing
Sexual healing, oh baby
Makes me feel so fine
Helps to relieve my mind
Sexual healing baby, is good for me
Sexual healing is something that’s good for me

. . .

Now, are there sexual exercises a person can do either alone or with a lover?

. . .
First, let’s consider the virtues of the Penis. Say what? Dog! That’s a taboo subject. (Okay, kid alert. If you’re under 18 you’re not allow to read this if it was 1982 when Marvin Gaye sang the song above, but it’s 2020 and the Internet changed all that, so here you go.)
. . .

The Virtues of the Penis

In his book, The Tao of Sexuality, Dr. Stephen T. Chang fills the pages with exercises you can do with a lover. In that book he lists five virtues of the Penis.
. . .
1. Kindness. As a tool for servicing the woman, it keeps giving and giving.
2. Righteousness. it is not selfish. It performs its duty, yet it is empty on the inside with nothing of its own.
3. Courteousness. It is polite. It advances or retreats at the right time.
4. Wisdom. It know how to find a way to please a woman.
5. Honesty. It will keep on laboring and completes its duty.
. . .
Now, if you haven’t already died of laughter, you can try this. The center of your body is your stove, where energy for sex and everything else is generated. You can stoke that stove with this exercise.
. . .
Before going to sleep tonight, as you lay on your back, gently rub your stomach with your palm. Take it easy. Rub in a clockwise circle.  No matter your age, rub around 25  times more than your number of years. Do this every night for a week.
. . .
If you want to find out more about how sex, how different positions can heal different diseases, get Dr. Chang’s book.
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