What is ‘Inner Smile’?

Feeling Depressed, Down, Crummy, or Awful?

Sometimes we get in a state of mind such that it’s like we’ve walked down a deserted street in some strange town and there’s not even an empty can to kick. It’s like a mask of angst has been glued on our face. We’re depressed. We want to do something, but the whole body is so down in the dumps, there’s no energy. Part of us wants to dance, but the feet are made out of clay.

The Inner Smile

The cure for listlessness, ennui, and life in the doldrums–depression, angst, and anger is Amiya. This is the nectar of life. It is a real substance that comes from an esoteric type of breathing that actually causes a honey like substance to fill your mouth and spread throughout your body. It’s easy to produce. All one needs is an open window to fresh morning air and the ability to smile.

In an unusual and truly informative manner, Pundit Acharya in Breath, Sleep, the Heart and Life,  explains that

“The blessing of the entire Nature and God are in this air that is free from mercury, dust, and all the impurities of the day. Beneath the infinite sky above, and the limitless space before you, in the soft twilight of the dawn, as the cool breeze kisses your brow,  like the gentle caress of a mother’s affectionate gaze, try and breathe gently, very gently, infinitely gently, this pale air, and you will find the Amiya of the gods in the oxygen.

It is this Amiya which is the essence of life.”


Wake up a little earlier than usual. Make sure you’re wrapped up and warm but sit before a partially open window. Place the tongue at the roof of the mouth. Breath in thinly. (here’s the secret: Prana or Chi floats on top of the air) So breath in the thin air. Next, crack a big smile and remember the feeling of your body. Now, as your breath relax your smile, relax your body, but reproduce the inner feeling of a smile. This is the inner smile. As you do this, you may be blessed by a flowing nectar. It’s name is Amiya.

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