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Previously . . .     
I whirled the 44.80 and fired directly into Dr. Blood’s forehead. The Gorgon jumped between us! Its
brain exploded, but it was still alive. The spiked tongue lashed my face. The ladies screamed and
tried to hide. Impossible! The hideous Gorgon too strong, too ugly, too fast. Fat Linda’s white bra
red and dripping blood. My debutante, Cynthia, wearing a fragrance called White Lotus, but I
couldn’t smell it. The room stank slaughter. Dr. Blood, his engorged blue vein pumping on the bald
skull, watched and laughed.
“You’re a dead man, Phillips!” Blood screamed and darted through the time portal.
“I’ll get you Blood!” I cried and formed my hand into the Mandrake claw of death. “I’ll get you if it’s
the last thing I do!”
The dying Gorgon lashed at me. Again and again it slashed and plummeted me. Its tentacles ripped
my face and tore at my eyes. I couldn’t see. Time stopped. Split seconds shattered. The red puss
glands spewed acid on my face. Tentacles pulled my head toward the fletching stinger.
Mandrake claw form!
Slamming through the Gorgon’s exterior metal plate, I serrated the spongy gut. My claw made a
hollow sound, sluck! I pulled the spine through the warm green flesh and with one hard crunch,
wrenched it, and crushed it.
The mutant puked and collapsed. The danger was over, but hundreds of innocent people and
creatures died. At least, the ladies were still alive. Cynthia was safe, but I didn’t know if Linda would
ever recover.
“Blood!” I screamed. “Blood, you can’t escape me forever. I’ll get you! I’ll rip your hideous mind
from that pulsing blue vein!”
The time portal disappeared.
“Cross my path again Blood, you die!”   
I wished I could have that evil time-master in front of me again. I pumped the slime covered
Mandrake claw.
Be careful what you wish for.
Adventure Book
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No questions
No Hassels
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My Guarnatee: if you're not
%100 satisfied. If you don't
love this book and tell you're
friends. . . I'll refund your
The Adventures of Dick Phillips.
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"This book is so funny and
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The Adventures of Dick Phillips. . . Escapade at the $5 Cafe . . .Written by Stephen P. Means . . . is an action adventure Novel set
sometime in the next century. Dick is a detective commissioned by Da Mo, the eternal man. Someone has stolen the Ching Da. This is
the eternal rejuvenation fluid that keeps Da Mo alive and balances good and evil. But evil is taking over. It's up to Dick to find the
Ching Da and set things right, but his nemeses Dr. Blood and his infernal time portholes are messing things up. Damn it. This is one
funny rag. If you don't just love it, I mean really love it, I'll refund your money.