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Another name for Quabbalah is the "4 sided word." This is a new, complete language, it is called the cosmic
language. Is it possible that cosmic beings exist in other realms? What do you think? And if they do, is it
possible that they speak another language that they all understand. Seems far fetched, but is it?

As people we speak English, and French, and Hindi and so on but don't we also speak other languages at the
same time? What about body language? Don't we say something with the way we move ourselves? How are
you hanging? Are you a sloucher? Have you got both feet on the ground? Don't we communicate by the way
we position our bodies?
Have you ever had energy jump from your body to another person? Have you ever communicated by touch?
Of course you have! Haven't you? What do you say when you shake someone's hand? What do you say with a

What's a metaphor, and what does that have to do with communicating with your mind?
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Sound is vibration and communication is a mystery . . . but "in the beginning was the Word."


"Fiat Lux!" (Latin for let there be light.)
                                                       . . . . . . . .

These four forms are the keys to creating out of thin air. That is, using Quabballa, the 4-sided word, to
command the forces of the Universe to create, manifest, bring you whatever you want.  
One for the money, two for the show,
three to get ready and 4, go cat go!
Tarot is a key to wisdom. Notice the emperor is sitting on a 4
dimensional block. There is also another demension in play
you look at the picture. Tarot cards are designed to
reflect from the mirror in
your subconscious mind. What
do you think?
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